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    Ext version tested:

    Ext 5.0.0
    Ext 4.2.0
  2. Please note that you should introduce a special class wrapper for the wysiwyg editor. A css rule might be good for the editor but not desirable for the final document where the content is shown.
  3. Hi,

    is it possible that in your


    there is some rule hiding the scroll bars?
  4. Hi,

    thank you for the note. I faced this problem but I hoped to have solved it. I am initializing the editor in the afterRender method and I need to know the height of the underlying control. The...
  5. This is the GitHub project for the 3.x editor

    This is the GitHub project for the 4.x editor
  6. ОK, I got it. It seems really to work! Great! I tried it also on the new 4.x editor! There is no more onchange_callback but there is another event for that. And it works too!

    setContent is really...
  7. Hi,

    as I understood the idea, you override the method setContent of the editor, this method fires the change handling through call onchange_callback where the is called.

    Are you sure...
  8. Hi, thanks for the help. GitHub project exists, but not for the new beta yet. I will create a separate project soon.

    Concerning your notice. This is a feature of the TinyMCE.
  9. Attention!

    The beta version of the TinyMCETextArea for the TimyMCE 4th generation is released. If you want to try out your application with the new TinyMCE editor, you can download the new...
  10. Thanks for the info!

    Yeah, Since the version 6, the IE is only one that makes some troubles by every version upgrade. This art of stability is impressive:)
  11. Hi,

    Yes, only this so far. Just because of IE 11 thank to your notice about IE 11:)

    Integration with 4.x Editor is in progress.
  12. New Version 2.7

    Lastest version of the editor 3.5.10 is used, important for the IE 11.

    It is not for the TinyMCE 4.x yet. The 4.x is in planing.
  13. Hi, Decision to make an outside menu or an inside menu is up to your use case. If you need the menu even if the editor is off or is in the HTML edit modus, then you should use the outside menu.
  14. Thanks!

    The IE 11 is now also important!

    The new generation TinyMCE 4.x is simplified on many places. Of cause, the new version 4.x is great but there are no more extended dialogs for insertion...
  15. Hi,

    I am not familar with Sencha Cmd, I hope I could help you to build the probject.

    Concerning IE10. I testet the

    under IE10. It worked....
  16. Hi,

    My JS script is dependent on the script file of the TinyMCE tiny_mce_src.js or tiny_mce.js, the short variant of the code.

    In this file, the original tinymce.WindowManager is defined.

  17. Thank you very much!
  18. I have created a test example here

    1. Load Data
    2. Delete S2 and S3
    3. Insert a record S4
    4. Do reset

    But I can not...

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2.0
  20. I have the same issue with field container in 4.2. The field container seems not to propagate any actions to its fields - neither disabling nor destroying.

    I have a dynamic search mask, where the...
  21. I looked already at the TinyMCE 4.x. Yes, it is a big change. I will have to do integration from the very beginning. It is completely new product.

    Now, it is beta. I will wait until it is stable...
  22. New Version 2.6

    Fixed bug in IE10. When the editor is in a Window and a popup like image insert is called, the popup goes behind the window, but should be in the frond of it.
  23. It is a really bad bug. It messed up many of my forms. I have to switch everywhere from anchor layout to the vbox layout to solve the problem.

    // Adds a custom button to the editor and when a user clicks the button it will open
    // an alert box with the selected...
  25. I found the place where it should be used.

    Table.js, Line 985

    renderCell: function(column, record, recordIndex, columnIndex, out) {
    var me = this,
    selModel =...
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