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    For the API Viewer of Sencha Touch (even ExtJS), I want these default presentations:

    1. Expand all classes in the left pane by default.
    2. Expand all members in the right pane by default (config,...
  2. Sencha Touch API Docs Will Not Scroll Vertically on iPad

    Is this a known issue? What to do? I've tried Safari and iCab. I'm trying to get setup to develop exclusively on my iPad and this API...
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    Has there been any update on the status on the second license exception for Ext? When can we expect an update?

    Everybody at Ext LLC you all do fantastic work and I have great respect, admiration,...
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    To be perfectly clear, one of their stumbling blocks the last time with the LGPL license was that they added conditions to it. They will not be adding a section to this GPL license. If anything we...
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    In essence I wish the new licensing condition was "non-profit vs for profit" instead of "open source vs closed source". Today, all of these large corporations are technically able to use ExtJS...
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    Hi -

    Jack and Ext will probably want you to email

    The way I understand it, they now require you to make your code publicly available if you do not purchase a license....
  7. I figured it out - the problem was that I was never calling Ext.QuickTips.init(); A button does indeed use the additional config options applied to an action's config. So if I set tooltip on the...
  8. I'm a big fan of using actions mainly coming from using Swing. Passing an action to a button isn't quite documented in the Button API but it works and it's in one of the toolbar examples. However, I...
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    I'm having trouble turning line numbers off. I'm able to do this with CodePress alone but not with Ext.ux.CodePress. I tried setting cls:'linenumbers-off' in the Ext.ux.CodePress config but that does...
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    Even though Jaxer is an "AJAX" server, I don't see any reason why one can't use it to create dynamic server side pages. And being able to use a component oriented toolkit like ExtJS on the...
  11. A colleague recently pointed me to Persevere Server. It's a Javascript persistence framework. It is implemented in Java and Rhino which is more my style than CouchDB's Erlang I think. And it supports...
  12. Hi Frank -

    I am currently ramping up with Helma/Rhino. My primary goal is to create a Helma application which lazily handles AJAX requests and uses the internal XML database of Helma. This is...
  13. When you test using Firebug and do get errors, do you manually click on the error, switch back to your editor, find or open the file, scroll the line, and then correct it each time? I'm primarily...
  14. I created an AppleScript/JavaScript combination which assists with JS development in ExtJS. It basically allows one to use any text editor or IDE and any browser to develop with - and it...
  15. BTW, the problem I'm having is that the net effect is that:
    the two grids in the ColumnLayout never scroll because they are always displayed at their full height - and end up being clipped at the...
  16. I have two grids arranged in a ColumnLayout and this ColumnLayout is contained inside a north panel of a border layout. I can't get these two columns to size height automatically to match the...
  17. I'm interested in finding an easy to setup and use ajax/json server and database solution when experimenting with extjs. Maybe even something as easy as FileMaker. I've glanced at Helma and trimpath...
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    This is very embarassing. Object Declarations - yeah that's it - object declarations, not associative arrays. Well anyway - is it possible to use Ext without using object declarations and instead...
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    Sorry, very tired today. I meant imperative programming I think - not iterative. Also, I think I am referring correctly to associative arrays - but perhaps better: anonymous associative arrays.
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    Ext 2.0 is very nice. I have a significant Swing background and there is lots to love about Ext 2.0 including all of the new layout managers.

    I tend to prefer iterative programming over...
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