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  1. Link a JS Resource and you can write any sort of JavaScript you want. You can then invoke it from your controller.
  2. Where is the error occurring? Caching the Direct resource will make it so that it always use the Direct API at the time you refresh/save it.

    If you add some server-side functions they won't be...
  3. CarListings, Reddit and TaskList examples in the starter templates all use the new architecture.
  4. This is a Cmd 5.0.1 bug and should be addressed with the 5.0.2 build. You can try out the beta of Cmd 5.0.2 by downloading it here and setting a custom Cmd path. ...
  5. Yes this is an issue in our current JSHint version and will be addressed when we upgrade it.
  6. Cannot reproduce this; more steps please
  7. Thanks Bruce we have isolated both of these problems in the native code base and are working on both of them.
  8. Sorry for never following up on this thread. Architect 3.1 with Ext JS 5.0 support was released about 2 weeks ago.

    You can download it...
  9. This is definitely a bug. We are going to have to do a little more research to find out what the underlying cause is and the extent of the bug.

    The intent of generating the xda is so that it can...
  10. I'm going to ask Steve (honestbleeps) to look into this part for you.

    We attempted to fix all of the dependency problems that we were having in Architect 3.0 by wrapping the Direct loading part...
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    Because it's not a bug.
  12. There is a bug in the current release of Cmd (SDKTOOLS-900) that copies resources to resources/resources.

    It was initially discovered here and has been confirmed and resolved in the code...
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    We've confirmed that this is a Cmd bug (SDKTOOLS-900) and will be fixed in the next revision of Cmd.
  14. You can drag and drop the resources to determine the order they will be loaded.

    Does the Requests variable get setup is the API correctly being initialized? Do you have time for a remote session...
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    Support ticket or thread? Link?
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    Did you set your path in Architect? We do not get the terminal/shell path. It must be set from within Architect.

    Preferences -> Dependencies -> Env Path
  17. Thanks for the report! We will look into it.
  18. Sure send us an email and let's get it setup.
  19. Send us an email at at with some times today that would be good to setup a screenshare.
  20. I understand your point but I'm not sure how big of a win it would be for the amount of work it would require. I'm opening a ticket but it's unlikely we will do this in the near future.
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    I sent this along to the docs team. We'll get it resolved, thanks.
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    Can you please give us more steps on how to reproduce on each of the issues? You should create a thread for each unrelated issue.
  23. Trying to repro this one.

    ---IN SA 3.0---
    Created an Ext 4.2.x project
    Dragged out a panel
    Set userClassName to CategoryPanel
    Set userAlias to catpanel
    Dragged out another panel
    Put an...
  24. A static function is able to be invoked from the class definition itself.
    A function must be invoked from an instance of a class definition.
  25. Sounds like a merge issue.

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