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  1. The progressbar component doesn't have a click event but you can add a click listener to its el.

    See the section on Events here:
  2. A bit difficult to diagnose with such a large test case but it looks like you have problems with over-nesting and you aren't specifying suitable layouts for some of your containers.

    The accordion...
  3. I'm not clear on the performance implications but your conclusion is correct, you should always specify a layout. If you use an auto layout you're relying on CSS to position things. In some rare...
  4. It may work in some circumstances but not all. e.g. A component query like '#Phase Button' won't match.
  5. From your description it sounds like what you're looking for isn't so much resizing as flexing. Layouts such as border, vbox and hbox support the flex setting that allows you to size components...
  6. As I mentioned previously, PagingMemoryProxy is asynchronous. This means that the contents will not be loaded immediately if you call loadPage. You will have to wait at least 10ms before checking the...
  7. PagingMemoryProxy is asynchronous. See the source. It defers its callback.

    start and limit aren't valid configs for a store. Whichever proxy you use you need to set the pageSize to 1 and then call...
  8. We can't help you if you give vague descriptions like 'doesn't work'. What do you see? Is there an error or do you just see the wrong data?

    Have you included the file for the PagingMemoryProxy?
  9. It isn't a separate menu, it adds some extra items to the header menu for each column. If you click the arrow in the column headers you'll see the extra items below the sorting a column options.
  10. For 2, my initial reaction is that sounds like correct behaviour.

    If the grid has no height provided by the layout then it should be as tall as the rows and there's nothing to scroll. In that...
  11. The browser will not repaint until the JavaScript thread yields. If you show and hide the loadmask synchronously it will never get chance to show. You would need to use something like a timer to...
  12. You should be able to include just about any valid HTML markup inside an itemTpl. My guess is there's an error in the template that's being swallowed. Try setting your browser's dev tools to break on...
  13. See the docs for Json reader, they're much better. Configuring an Array reader works just the same way. The reader class is set via the type config, which matches the class alias.

  14. Try associationKey instead of mapping:!/api/

    You may also benefit from using the record config on your...
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    See getSubTplData.
  16. This bit creates an

    reader: {
    type: 'array'

    You shouldn't need to create one directly but it would be something like this:
  17. The example in the docs is awful.

    Try this:

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    In ExtJS 4 a url could be specified on a proxy subclass no problem:

    Ext.define('MyProxy', {
    alias: 'proxy.myproxy',
    extend: '',

    url: 'myurl.json'
  19. After lots of digging I think I have some parts of the answer.

    Setting the reader in the constructor that way won't get picked up by the config system, which replaces it with a default JSON reader...
  20. I am investigating. It's something to do with the config system.

    Try putting the reader config directly on the proxy class definition rather than in the constructor. Setting it in the constructor...
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    That isn't what I was suggesting.

    You're currently trying to scroll to a particular row. I was suggesting just scrolling down by a huge number of pixels instead. See the docs for the available...
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    The error message is pretty clear. You're trying to invoke a method on null. That should come as no surprise when the logging clearly shows the values are null.

    So dig in. Figure out why getRow is...
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    Much more logging required...


    My guess is getRow isn't returning...
  24. Speculating wildly but buttons need quite a bit of CSS. Perhaps the CSS file is too big and rules are being dropped?
  25. Why avoid overriding? Creating a custom proxy is one of the first things I do on any project:

    Out of curiosity, how were you setting this...
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