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  1. It basically shouldn't trigger much problems. Are you using many ux? Then try to get the lates versions from them aswell.
  2. This is working out of the Box with Ext 4.2
  3. You should do this with a second polling request to the server which just checks for progress of the first

    I had used this little very useful comet-class for such tasks...
  4. i would consider upgrading to I had no problems with IE8 unter (and i upgraded our applications ever since 2.0.2!
  5. This is because the second time "Win" is already available so it's not getting rerendered again. the "id" parameter the second tim is out of scope then. You should try something like

    var Win;...
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    I know this thread is 3 years old but i also have massive ext 3 projects and this was a huge timesaver. Thanks a lot!:):D
  7. 48040
    I stumpled upon the problem when using RowEditor. I wanted the tooltip, which appears when you try to click outside the RowEditor without even saving or cancelling, to be shown just as an...
  8. If your are using IE10+ try to use ExtJS
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    Well, this was posted in the 3.x forum thread.
    indeed ext 4 does not have any adapters anymore. You may find the following thread useful then....
  10. Here is a working locale for german. Indeed the deployed english locale is not working and needs some adjustments aswell (Date. -> Ext.Date.)

    Anyway: Ext.picker.Picker needs to be fixed, because...
  11. The official download for Ext 3.4.1 from has everything included. As said the jquery adapter can be found under...
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    Any default component is already translated to spanish by using the locale file "ext-lang-es.js".

    You can find it at folder "locale" (Ext 3.x -> build\locale, Ext 4.x -> locale) within the extjs...
  14. do you have flash installed? Firefox and Chrome could have their own flash implementation
  15. Why do you need to stay on 3.1 if 3.4 fixes your issue? I guess you are using some plugin which is supposed to support 3.1 only? Within the 3.x branch i never had much problems upgrading even while...
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    The Changelog from 3.4.2 ( does not seem to have all those fixes from this thread implemented :( Therefore the fixes are again needed for...
  17. The changelog does not seem to have all the Bugfixes for from considered/implemented :(
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    Are you using the latest ? IE10 is covered there and it should also cover IE11 somehow because the IE recognizing stuff had changed a lot.
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    I already this this in the locale Files for DatePickerPlus (regardless of ExtJS Version)
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    Take a look at how the common Gridfilters are implemented
  21. Your PHP code does not seem to respect sorting and filtering. You need to do all sorting and filtering at the backend within the SQL query and just return that instead of everytime everything.
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    Incorrect "invalid entry"-quicktips still buggy in 3.4.x (Fix from here)

    Ext.form.MessageTargets.qtip.mark = function(field, msg){
  23. We had the same similar problem using an old version of mod_sspi for Apache a while back. IE6-8 was just forgetting POST Variables. All other browsers worked.

    From the beginning with IE9 this...
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    Has every Panel the exact same content (one grid or one chart) Then i would try to change the tabpanel with 50 "fake" tabs, and a card layout with only 2 containers (one for a grid, one for a chart)....
  25. Does it still happen with the latest to you? It shouldnt
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