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  2. I'm not sure. This seems to work:

    return '<a href="" target="_blank">Google</a>'
  3. Can you format it? That's incredibly hard to read :)
  4. The docs are your friend :)!/api/Ext.tree.Panel-event-itemcontextmenu
  5. Can you show your code? Also, the link you posted requires authentication.
  6. Can you post the example from the book?
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    If the cls is on Viewport, that's going to get added to the body tag. So you could probably just swap ".backgroundImg div" with "body"
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    Your selector (.backgroundImg div) is too greedy. You are basically telling it to apply that background to EVERY div beneath an element with a class of "backgroundImg". Be more specific with your...
  9. You might check out this thread:
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    They are different colors because the Neptune theme has a hierarchy of style rules that apply to buttons, depending on the context in which they are used. If you want to override them, I'd check out...
  11. scope: this is not valid in the context you're trying to use it. Per the documentation, you must supply a "an object containing component paths mapped to a hash of listener functions" In your code,...
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    Can you share your code? Both JS configuration and CSS.
  13. I have no idea. There *might* be some hacks out there that you can implement on a per-instance basis to grant JavaScript access to see this (although I certainly hope there isn't).

    But that's...
  14. There's nothing to "solve". Review the answer to this thread--it gives the information you need. Also, be aware that this has nothing to do with Ext JS, but is rather more a question of how browser's...
  15. Awesome, works like a charm now. Thanks!
  16. Looks great, thanks!
  17. This is definitely a low priority in my book, but I think it could be useful to have the ability to save searches when you are logged in so that you can quickly filter results by certain, reusable...
  18. Once you set criteria in the search form, you are more or less stuck with it unless you either refresh the page or clear each field separately. I think it'd be nice to have a way to completely reset...
  19. Ah, sure enough! Although in both cases, details do not get filled in for existing fiddles.

    Thanks for this release though--i really like the new features!
  20. When you create a new fiddle while editing an existing one, any comments viewed from the existing fiddle will be visible once you click the "New Fiddle" button and then view the comments for the new...
  21. Fiddle 1.1:

    When creating a new fiddle (or editing an existing one), clicking the "Set" button in the creates an error (see screenshot). This also occurs if you blur the modal.

    This occurs...
  22. The important thing to understand is that there is nothing special about "REST" in terms of requests. REST is not a "type" of request at all, but is only a design pattern. Whether you are creating...
  23. Checkout the beforeedit event on the editing plugin:!/api/Ext.grid.plugin.Editing-event-beforeedit

    You should be able to inspect the record, determine if it's...
  24. Can share some code or, ideally, provide a working test case of your code?
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    The speed of Ext JS compared to other frameworks, as well as the ease of customizing themes, are both very relative notions. They are each incredibly dependent upon what one is attempting to...
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