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  1. now its working whit the peace of code from you for the back button text. but i don't understand why the tabbar now is disapeard.


    name: 'Sencha',

  2. thanks for your fast answer.
    i try it when i'm back. in the viewport i just had that code:


    i'm sorry. yes i meant selectfields.

    yes i would add new (dynamic)...
  3. 42276

    1. i have a problem whit loading store items in a dropdown list what have i to do?
    2. how can i rename the back button text? defaultBackButtonText won't work
    3. in the moment i'm testing...
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    I think you have seen the code i posted and yes maybe i have mixed whit e little from 1 and 2.1.1? What's the different?
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    Hello everybody

    I'm haveing problems whit adding a Tabbar in the example app from Drew Neil (
    when i add a buttonbar (tabbar) it wont be running. Here...
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