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  1. As the error says, it will be called in Ext.Component.

    You don't have to do it explicitly.
  2. Looks like this is by design to clean up your old framework folders. I'll check in with Cmd team.

    I'll let Phil look at this one.

    We have an upcoming fix for this. It does not have to...
  3. Yes. :)
  4. Could you please give us more information?

    Do you have an error in the console?
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    There are a few ways that this could occur.

    The following are things you do NOT want to do:
    - Set an id on a top level component and then link it into multiple places via linked instances.
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    Can you send us a project that contains the error?

    You can create an xda archive and send it to at
  7. The design canvas is truly dynamic and it's not necessarily order dependent... We load these things as they are needed on demand.

    I think it's worthy of an investigation but we may need more data...
  8. I don't see anything out of sorts.

    Does the app work? Is there any error?
  9. 5.0.2 definitely fixes a bunch of broken build issues.
  10. Interesting can I see the response to the Direct api page?
  11. Put 's around so that it doesn't have to be defined when the store is defined.
  12. Architect will be pulling Touch 2.4.x with the Touch 2.4.1. release.
  13. sessionStorage doesn't have a expiry time.
  14. Did you remove the bootstrap files and re-save?
  15. predator -

    Can you show us the configuration of your store and model?

    There was a bug in Ext JS that was caused when a user provided both the directFn config and the api config at the same...
  16. I can reproduce the original issue about titleAlign center on Ext JS 5.0.x only.
  17. cannot reproduce, any other details?
  18. We may have to get one of the affected language keyboards to test this out.

    I doubt we are going to be to reproduce by simply remapping the keyboard.
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    Reproduced using 4.2.x and using a Form Panel.
  20. Thanks, we will take a look into this
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    Thanks, I've confirmed this bug. We'll get it resolved.
  22. Thanks, we'll get this fixed
  23. Curtis -

    Sorry we missed this thread. If you believe that you have a found legitimate bug, please post on the Bug forums.

    Can you give us further details about how the build fails? Is there...
  24. Thanks for the feature suggestion. This is something that we've been thinking about for a long time!
  25. We have a fix for the blank screen coming in the next patch release. We've seen this mostly on OS X but I'm hopeful it resolves the linux issue as well.
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