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  1. Yes, I'm getting these glitches just creating the window layout (without loading any stores) and firing
    I'm going to swap out 4.0.7 for 4.0.2a and see if it makes any difference
  2. Hi everyone,

    I'm having a tough time figuring out some glitches in my ExtJS 4 app when I am attempting to open windows that have form/grid content within them that requires the loading of several...
  3. Hopefully the cause of my problem is easily spotted by the ExtJS experts around here... I have a window that has rendering issues when I try to load the form within it from an AJAX store prior to...
  4. Yes, absolutely - but the values in the record loaded into the form are just a string with delimiters (1,2,3,4,5 etc) - so obviously they need to be converted to an array before you can use them to...
  5. I think this may be quite a complex issue.

    It looks like the 'user_artists' field from the record being loaded into the form is overriding the value of the component when referenced with the...
  6. Thanks for the reply Carol.

    Apologies, I actually phrased the thread topic incorrectly- I can populate the Multiselect from a JSON store fine, just having trouble setting the selected values.
  7. Has anyone successfully populated a MultiSelect control from a JSON data store? I would have assumed the 'store' parameter of a MultiSelect would accept a standard JSON data store the same way a...
  8. Hi everyone,

    I've been learning Ext JS 4 and developing a small app based on the Ext JS 4 Migration Demo App from here:

    I've modified it...
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