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  1. yes ur right when the page is loaded the div tag is block it is working fine,

    so my problem is "I written ajax code on my jsp page ,for that purpose i written that div tag , this div tag style is...
  2. I am using extjs combox in a div tag,first when the page is loaded this div tag display style is 'none' ,after clicking an image on the page div tag display style is changed to 'block'.

    here is...
  3. thanks and all those who are giving the replay,
    sorry for posting in the mutiple forms
  4. we can't change arrow image in the combo box (ie trigger.gif)
    i am trying to change that image , but it isn't recognizing that image
  5. Hi all,

    can we change the combo box image trigger.gif image in the combo box

  6. can we change the trigger.gif image in the combo box
  7. hi

    i am developing new site ,the basic color of that site is red
    so i want to change the color of the select box arrow,

    basically i am java developer ,i am putting the value in the select...
  8. plz tell me how to subscrib,
  9. how to call change event in field (give me an example)
  10. very good code, but i want use the select box code in the html,not an input field
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