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    Filtering the store does not require another call to the DB - this simply hides/shows the rows currently held inside the store which match your filter query.
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    Filter the store attached to the grid :)
  3. Ext.Ajax.request({
    url: 'foo.php',
    params: { foo: 'bar' }
    success: someFn,
    failure: otherFn
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    Check if the RenderTo div exists before creating the grid?


    if($('#renderToDivId').length > 0) {
    var grid = // etc...
  5. There is a known Firefox bug which Mozilla have fixed in version 31, but this currently isn't scheduled for release until mid-July.If this is the same issue I've experienced, then this only occurs...
  6. I've never personally used a triggerField, as I've always simply gone with a separate textfield and button conbination which call the same submit function on hitting "Enter" or clicking the button.
  7. A more detailed explanation of what you're trying to achieve might help :)
  8. If you need the textField to be populated with the tkt_title2_c value, then give your textField the name of tkt_title2_c, and do something like:

  9. I would not use a gridpanel for this (unless you have some unexplained reason to do so?).

    Use a dataview instead.
  10. The easiest way would probably be to add "hideable: false" onto at least one column in your grid.

    Alternatively I'm sure you could listen to the columnModel's hiddenchange event, and simply return...
  11. Use the cellclick event as you tried previously - but instead of using the cellindex (which might change), get the index based on a column ID.

    So give your column an ID, then do the following:
  12. The most common reason for IE displaying a completely blank page is uaully due to trailing commas in your code.

    Search for any instances of ",}" or ",]" in your code.
  13. Use the button's setDisabled and setVisible methods:!/api/Ext.Button-method-setDisabled!/api/Ext.Button-method-setVisible
  14. I might be misunderstanding, but (for the OP at least) surely upon hitting enter this will commit the entered value to the store and grid panel, where you would then use a column renderer to display...
  15. I would've actually thought removing all duplicate records from your store would be a much simpler solution?
  16. Here's an alternative method by overriding the default combo setValue method:
  17. Actually - just realised that my previous answer was also incorrect :(

    If you're setting the value using setValue() then the combo will not blur in order to fire the "change" event either...

  18. You're correct! How I've never come across this shorthand function into the select listener is beyond me! :/

    However, "Select" only fires when you choose an option from the combo using the mouse....
  19. Combobox has no such config parameter as "onSelect".You would have to create a listener for the select (or more likely, change) event instead.

  20. This happens by default if you give the grid panel has a height which the rows exceed.

    Sounds like you could be overnesting, by putting the gridpanel inside a parent panel...
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    Well the simplest way would be to set modal:true on the window, which then masks the entire page until the window is closed.

    Alternatively, in your code when you are creating the window, give the...
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    This sounds like what would happen if your window has an ID. Would that be correct?

    If so, then creating two windows which share the same id would cause the problems you describe. To fix this,...
  23. panel.setTitle('whatever you want');
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    Ah ok. You will need to amend the tpl (template) config, and add a qtip or title.

    An example is shown in the documentation:!/api/Ext.form.ComboBox-cfg-tpl
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