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  1. Ext version tested:

    Ext 5.0.1
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 36.0.1985.125
    DOCTYPE tested against:

  2. Nobody interested in that?
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  4. Hello,
    I'd like to know if there is any way to build with sencha cmd assigning dynamic scss params by command line.

    sencha app build -themeargs base-color:white my-params:2px ...

  5. I think you should override the x-panel class with your transparent background or just use both bodyStyle and style because style works on parent node of body (x-panel).

    Do you need this?...
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    Hello, any update with sencha touch and the new iOS7.1 in fullscreen mode?
    It should get the "minimal-ui" param, shouldn't?

    Just tested the kitchen sink of latest sencha touch but it not works...
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    I agree! Let's wait to see what 5 will be!
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    Wow this thread is going to Extplode :D

    I'm nobody, but I'd like to share my experience:
    2 days ago I opened many projects made few weeks ago with several JS frameworks... almost impossible to...
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    Thank you Mitch and congrats for your work!
    Looking forward to test 5 version.
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    Thank you for your answer Mitchell.
    Of course my question is not so easy to answer... but as I'm going to build a new (empty) project with ExtJS 4.2.2, what would you suggest to me as "development...
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    @sencha devs
    I'd like to know how much will be the impact if we need to migrate an MVC app from ExtJs 4.2.2 to ExtJs 5.
    Do we have to rewrite all the code or maybe the app will work in the same...
  12. Thank you for your answer.
    I found the same workaround but I didn't want to use it as I was doing everything with sass.
    Do you know about the extjs5 release month?
    Will be before 2014?

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  14. Hello,
    I'm trying to build my custom theme extending neptune.
    Everything works fine but I have just a problem with the border width of frame/window/panel.

    I'd like to see windows and panels with...
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  17. Hello,
    does anybody know how to disable the horizantal scroll (by mouse wheel) into a tabbar of tabpanel?
    I'm not talking about the body content of panel but the header part where extjs shows the...
  18. I have to try the way you do it... but I have a question:
    how can I handle several themes if I put everything in the app sass folder?
    I need to build a main theme than extending it changing base...
  19. Yes, I add the manifest:
    xtype: 'panel',
    ui: 'superui'
    in root/sass/example/custom.js (included in theme.html) and in root/packages/mytheme/sass/example/custom.js
  20. Hello,
    I'm trying since many days to build my extjs 4.2.1 app with sencha cmd 3.1.2 and even with 4.0 beta...
    Building process is ok but the images slicing process for my custom tabpanel ui doesn't...
  21. I think there isn't only 1 way.
    Maybe you could try something like that:


    createViewMethod: function() {
    yourMainPanel.add(Ext.create("Your.path.of.View", {
  22. My workaround was to override the scroll method taking it from 4.2.0

    Ext.override(Ext.dom.Element, { scroll: function(direction, distance, animate) {
  23. Same issue with the arrow icon on the right side (sor submenu).

    Possible Fix:

    .x-menu-item-active .x-menu-item-arrow {
    top: 6px;
    right: -1px;
  24. Have somebody the same problem with Windows phones/tables?
  25. I'm sorry for this bug report.
    It was my mistake because for some reason I was calling the "reset()" method of the form from the controller.:">

    I tried many time to find some error in my code...
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