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    You can just use the facebook Graph API and a simple JSONReader:
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    It's not a bug. AJAX won't work on your local machine as long as you're not using a local webserver (like XAMPP). So you have to test your AJAX projects on a web server.
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    Try this:

    Ext.regModel('Users', {
    fields: [
    { name : "id" },
    { name : "name" },
    { name : "email" }
  4. Got it! I wrote my own little function called "setActiveCard":

    function setActiveCard(card) {
    // setting up shortcuts to the cards...
    var cards = {
    collection: {
  5. Mhh I just want to switch the active card to another. I just found a thread that give me an idea how to do it. But I dont know how to apply it to my script. I have to use setCard() am I right? Here's...
  6. Hello there,

    this is my app and it works fine, but i want to have links that point to a specific panel, the nestedListController can find inside the structure.js, inside my first view. Can I...
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