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  1. Still no news? Thanks.
  2. No. It's just the same as in the fiddle.
  3. The working fiddle:

    The issue can be reproduced in the latest Firefox and Chrome.
  4. Yes, still in 4.2.1 actual but for Firefox this time.
  5. i'm pretty interested in this extension for extjs 4.2 too. Any news?
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    Any new here? Can it be moved to bugs?
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    Here is the code which removes a node from the tree panel.

    var nodeToDelete = tree.getSelectionModel().getLastSelected();
    var nodeToDeleteInterface =...
  8. Yes, I think this is a good idea.

  9. I want to use Neptune Theme and include it in my project like:
    <link rel="stylesheet" media="screen" href="../resources/css/ext-neptune.css" />

    After that I see error that images are not found.
  10. I'd like to build a Nested List to navigate throw a folder structure. Since there are a lot of folders and files, I can't provide all data in an initial store loading.

    How to create a Nested List...
  11. I face the same problem. And as far as I could find out, native applications do not support file download/upload without using third party Objective-C frameworks, as PhoneGap, for instance.
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    Yes, sorry, I've overlooked it somehow and found after had posted this question. Will be waiting for the bug fix then...
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    I have a TabPanel (main view) with two child panels (firstTab and secondTab) and a controller.
    The second tab has a form which is submitted to the server via Ajax request. This submit method is...
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    I've posted this as a bug here:

    So hope there will be a solution found...
  15. Sencha Touch version: 2.0.1 RC
    SDK Tools version: 2.0.0 Beta 2
    OS: Ubuntu 10.04

    Sencha command works well for application creation and building for testing and production.
    However, when trying...
  16. First of all, I would recommend you to read all the articles in Learn section and watch the videos to get the general idea and understanding of the Sencha concepts. I'm also relative new to Sencha...
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    I observed bootstrap.js file in new release. For now i can't find any official documentation about using it. Can somebody help me figure that out?
  18. Referring to issue #2:

    I have found the way to make it work.
    I've simplified a bit the example above:


    name: 'Notes',
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    The same problem for me in Linux. It is occurring only when trying to package native application with sencha package build packager.json

    sencha app build (generate, etc) commands are executed...
  20. Referring to the issue #1:
    Here is the place in DOM where problems seems to begin:

    <div id="ext-element-45" class="x-scroll-container x-translatable-container">
    <div class="x-inner...
  21. Well, yes, I've inspected the DOM and could not find any differences between two versions. Elements for textarea and button are present in both variants, CSS is also seems to be the same. However,...
  22. Hi,
    I'm new to Sencha Touch, so there are some things not very clear for me at the moment. Especially referred to microloader and build process. I've read all the official guides and watched videos,...
  23. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.4
    Adapter used:

    css used:

    only default ext-all.css
    Browser versions tested against:
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    If you just want to load the content of this jsp into the Window, have a look at the load() method.
  25. Override works well for me. But I wonder why isn't it still fixed in the 3.x versions and we still need to use some custom overrides??
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