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    Is it possible to get the new template/design of JSDuck on ExtJS 5.0 Beta to be in same profession lock an feel for own projects (or as starting point) ?

    =D>=D>=D>=D> Would be really cool...
  2. If this were the only sentence in - I could understand - but I wrote also things like "think about load().on('load'...))" and "use console.log(this) ..." to give them a hint (in the same Post).
  3. Oh - Interesting - Sencha Inc. deletes once more critical Posts linked to here (within convenient Content to Posts I answered to - so not only critical - Note: I only ansered to Questions I could...
  4. ... interesting: Some people vote me up and some down...

    Sorry - but I don't belief !

    Especially because you have better things to do ... you are busy for...

    But you are responsible for...
  5. I DO !

    ... and I think it isn't fine as it is - on a Forum I know it is possible to dish my reputation by only one user only has to search all my Posts and vote it down ...

    That is what I...
  6. I noticed my Vote is like before - but my Reputation Points are not as before - they are only on 80 ? I thought you get 5 per Vote up - isn't it ?

    So at the moment I should have 68x5 = 340 ?!?

    It is a Marketing-Question ... you need too go this way by reading 4,000 Posts a month and pick up well done ... and others need short feedback ... like "How to...
  8. +1

    It is not a hard job to rebuild Vote-Plugin to make down voting more differencing. (Including JSDuck)

    IF you have no resources for this ... we can do ...
  9. Me likewise: I told him he should ask the Question to all and also I give him the tip, he could buy support if needed for a commercial project is under pressure...
    Also I mean a public Answer helps...
  10. ask me again next days (by PM) ... I am waiting for Sencha Inc. fix my Vote-Rating back to 60.... (so please give me a reminder)

    (Someone votes all my Posts down... Support-Member "event" promised...
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    You asked me by PM - and linked me by reply to my answer to here.

    Someone is attacking me by vote down over 40 Points in one Day.

    I cannot help anymore if this isn't fixed imeditaly.

  12. There is ONE guy votes DOWN ALL my Posts I ever done !!!

    Please ALL help if you want me to help community for free like the following:

    Visit my Profile and take a look on my Posts and Vote up...
  13. motivated to bring Question up to first page :D ... once more asking:

    Is there not a good Answer to this good Question ?

    Thanks for Thinking about :)
  14. I found an early discussion in forum:

    but for me it isn't clear cut - mitchellsimoens ...
  15. I have done this the following way:

    First I load remote Date into a Store using Ajax-Proxy - this I save into a var.

    Then I made a second Memory-Store (out of Success-Function) and point...
  16. I think it happens only if you use ext-dev.js

    later if you go for production you will use ext.js or ext-all.js ...

    so change your index.html to load those instead of ext-dev.js and see if this...
  17. if this is right ... I have done a mistake and got confised this way.
  18. Maybe I am only confused and need simple clearing?...:

    If I want to call a Mixins Function I know:

    but if I am within mixedinFunction, how to access the old this ?

    "parent" or "this" is...
  19. Based on evants Help - this could be marked as solved:

    Solution is:'controllerName');
  20. Cool - I am so happy to get an Answer this time - I love you :">

    Thanks a lot - it works.
  21. [Edited: Maybe I do not need getApplication() before .getController(...) right .. but Question is the same until now]

    Out of UX - you do not know the Name of Application to get Access to...
  22. ok nice - someone moved my Question from UX to FAQ ... but I want to discuss this with Personal is developing UX and has not only basic questions.

    So I hope for professional Answer here - not...
  23. I need a solution I can access out of UX.

    So if I need to find a way to get Applications name :-)


  24. I tried a lot - but I cannot figure out how to get the Applications name out of my UX-Code

    My UX-Using Programmer will not say me before the name of its Application :-)

    In general I have the...
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    fbar: false,!/api/Ext.panel.Panel-cfg-fbar

    please explain in more detail what is your real problem...
    (after creation or before ... onClick ......
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