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  1. Is there already a superboxselect for ext 3.3.1 or ext 4.0.0 ?

    Does anyone has these files?
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    Guys i could use a little help with this... isn't there something like a backward compability file?

    I have to rewrite 50% of code if i want to upgrade to 4.x... even a few plugins aint inside 4.x...
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    There is a workaround for this trouble if you still wants the validation.

    Just put a try catch on the "alignToXY with an element that doesn't exist" and take care your code gets executed in the...
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    I got the same issue and i figured out when it occurs and when not. I got a form which is dynamically build up. So basicly i have an 'add' button the form which adds textfields to the form....
  5. Could you show me the code for the extension you used? I'm trying to get the same effect with the '+' and '-' but didn't find yet how to do it. I know work with a button 'add' & 'remove' but it's not...
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