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  1. Hi Tommy,

    Thanks for the update. That worked great! I had a workaround but have switched to your method for now.

    Incidentally, my workaround was the following...

    var original_getArgs =...
  2. Hi Tommy,

    I've just tested my problem with the Sencha Touch 2.0.0 final release and I'm still having the problem. What problems did you have recreating the issue? Using the zip file I attached I...
  3. Hi Tommy,

    Thanks for the reply, glad to hear the directFn bug had already been caught!

    I've already posted the Model and Proxy in my original post but here's the API definition I'm using:

  4. Hi,

    I'm currently working with the Sencha Touch 2 RC and have been playing with Ext.Direct for calling our existing XmlRpc system. I've managed to get calling the Ext.Direct functions directly...
  5. Just tried this on a Blackberry Playback and it seemed to work fine, just as smooth as on my iPad 1 (if not a little smoother).

    I also tried it on a Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 I managed to get it to...
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