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  1. Thanks for the pointer. I am still curious to know that if $panel-body-background-color already exists (and presumably it is not mutually exclusive with $panel-frame-background-color) then why don't...
  2. Thanks for the quick response and help. It did the trick. Although I think this should be consistent, hence still be considered as a bug. If there are technical reasons why it is the way it is then...
  3. I was trying to create a framed panel with transparent background, but the moment I set the frame property true, background color becomes white. I can set the background to something else other than...
  4. While we are here, may I ask, what are the recommended convention and steps needed to manage overrides? Is there a guide available on this topic? :)
  5. Thanks for the prompt action. Thanks for providing the override too. :)
  6. In ExtJS If the tab titles are bound with a ViewModel data, they do not populate until the tab is activated. This was not the case in the beta release though. Here is a fiddle that...
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    Please consider it as a question, if there is an easy way to achieve the desired goal. I would like it to be considered as a suggestion/feature request, except I can't post in the private suggestions...
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    I was looking at the responsiveConfig of the Responsive mixin documentation and realized that one of the obvious addition in the scopes will be "rtl". In an earlier discussion, "RTL Support: Is There...
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    Since I am not a support subscriber, I don't have privilege to do so. Or at least this is what I think. :)
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    Any chance of this being included in ExtJS 5.x? :)
  11. Thanks, looks like it will do the trick. :)
  12. I was wondering, how to bind ViewModel data with radio buttons? Because every radio button is a separate component and they are only considered together because they have the same value for the name...
  13. Thanks for the prompt response. It was helpful. Looking forward for the next release.
  14. I have a View like this:

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: 'Ext.panel.Panel',
    xtype: 'foo',
    controller: 'foo',
    items: [{
    xtype: 'button',
  15. Here is the code snippet to explain it a little more for those who might be wondering with similar issue. Say, I want to bind a component with an id "config-0" with the VewModel of another arbitrary...
  16. I was able to bind an arbitrary instance of a component to the ViewModel of another arbitrary component using ComponentQuery, getViewModel and setViewModel.Thanks for the prompt response guys.
  17. Thanks @Carun and @LesJ, I am aware of these documents and have gone through these quite a few times. Putting data on a parent container in the view hierarchy that contains both components will work,...
  18. Thanks for the prompt reply, but I am aware of this. In this example, the two components that are bound with the shared data are in the same view hierarchy, i.e., "textfield" is a child components of...
  19. I was wondering if there is a way to bind ViewModel data between two different view components in which one is not the child of the other. For example, there is an application using border layout...
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    One workaround that we have used to add comments in JSON in our applications was to add a property "_comment" wherever needed.

    To overcome IDE issue, how about naming the file "app.json5", this...
  21. In fact there are three issues described in this thread. And I don't see the third one solved yet.

    In normal toolbar, if ui property is set to footer, button have dark background while in paging...
  22. ExtJS 4.2.1 (and 4.2.0 as well)

    Dynamic localization example gives an error saying "Failed to load locale file." It seems as if directory is...
  23. Thanks a lot sir!

    I had completely missed that 4.2.1 is in GA state now. :-)
  24. I think I have reported it even before beta 1 ( was released and we did not see it fixed in that beta release. If is beta 2 then I am not aware of this second beta release so I...
  25. Was there any other release after beta-1 yet, sir?
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