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    Anyone willing to share how you managed to get the 4.2 docs in there? I'd be fine to do the 4.1.1 ones on my own but I'm not sure what kind of documentation system Extjs is to begin with.
  2. It's super frustrating to see comments like this in the 4.1 codebase:

    //NOTE: Removed the JSDoc for this function's arguments because it is not actually supported in 4.0. This
  3. I have 2 stores - let's call them StoreA and StoreB - which in turn have a model each, ModelA and ModelB

    ModelB has an association defined to link it to ModelA:

    belongsTo: [
  4. Ext.override(Ext.view.Table, {
    // Avoid blur of search boxes due to grid selection-focus
    _ws_lastScrollPosition: null,

    refresh: function() {
    var me = this;
  5. That page doesn't document any fixes for 4.1.x - the bug is in there too.

    Anyone have a fix for 4.1.x?

    EDIT: Just worked it out and added to the original thread.
  6. The scenario:

    You have a DOM element that is only sometimes rendered into the page.
    You have an ExtJS component that renders to that DOM element.

    You could wrap it like this:

    if (...
  7. Given this controller snippet:


    Ext.define( 'MyApp.controller.MyController', {
    extend: '',
    views : ['user.UserWindow'],
  8. I have a solution....and it goes completely contrary to everything I've learned about Ext so I'd like to discuss it before I mark this as the best answer.

    Ready for it? Not enough nesting!

  9. There is padding and margin in the sidebar panel in order to make sure the text boxes and controls layout nicely. Are you saying I shouldn't use config like this:

    padding: '10',...
  10. ...and scrollbars on "Always" in the system settings. This invariably leads to double scrollbars - see attached images.

    The window is a border layout (2 thirds, one third split) with a data view...
  11. So you have a combo box that has a trigger.

    In 4.1.x The last trigger button in a combo gets the cls (amongst others) of x-form-trigger-last:

    triggerConfigs[i - 1].cn.cls += ' ' +...
  12. I have a pretty big grid that's displaying some annoying behaviour. When I use a buffered store, attmpeting to sort by any of the columns in the grid causes the loading mask to display and not go...
  13. EDIT: Here's my solution.

    // CSS will make sure that the row actions centre themselves vertically even in a variable height row

    .grid-row-float-actions { visibility : hidden; }
  14. Same problem here. The minute you reconifgure the columns, rowactions are blank.

    Edit: solution: provided you supply the store (even if you're just re-affirming the existing store), your row...
  15. Due to size constraints for a grid I'm implementing, where I would normally have the row actions plugin providing some little icons in the last column, I'd like to make the thing only appear on...
  16. You can see from my code that I'm calculating the values and spitting them out in the console. The screenshot shows the values in the console. They are integers. The rounding errors are definitely...
  17. As you can see in the screenshot, my calculated values are being output in the console and are consistently correct. The observed width value is wrong and differs each time.

    Nevertheless, I will...
  18. See attached screenshot. This shows the result of animating the width of a container component. Note that in the console the widths that are calculated for the animation are being output but the...
  19. No, I'm not talking about having an anchor tag in the tip itself. I'm talking about using the anchor attribute of the tooltip to fix the position of the tip on the button.

    Check the docs I linked...
  20. Sorry but I don't know what you mean. All I see is the docs stating one thing and the code not honouring it.
  21. Shameless self-promoting bump :D
  22. I've used one view per set of menu items - there are a number of different on screen areas where this is a handy thing to have. I may well end up creating my own component though - thanks for the...
  23. Doesn't work. You can't override the renderData that gets applied to the headingTpl so you can't change the data in there anyway.
  24. Good idea. I will give that a go and come back with results.

    So, is this a bug?
  25. I have a number of elements in my app that are really nothing more than a menu of list items with click listeners attached but I have used an XTemplate attached to a data view to render them as they...
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