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  1. Thanks, I think I had misunderstood your original post. It sounded like you were saying that it worked properly with Architect 3.0.4 but doesn't with the latest 3.1 release. But you were actually...
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    Is your Initial View component a viewport, or have you given it a width/height?
  3. You don't see the Help item when you right-click the filter field?

  4. Can you elaborate on this? The function appears in the config list for me, so I must be misunderstanding you.
  5. Thanks, I'm opening a bug for this.
  6. Some questions:
    1) What framework is this for?
    2) When you say "use Style object", are you talking about the 'style' config on the component, something with the theme/skin editor, or something...
  7. For dev reference: I've opened DSGNR-6090 to add support for sharing a single handler method between multiple listeners.
  8. Yup, that code I pasted was from me adding one. Had to set its event name of course, but otherwise it got added just fine.
  9. For future dev reference:
    Choosing comment style - DSGNR-6088
    Dismissing editors by clicking outside - DSGNR-6089
  10. Regarding your question about delaying routes for asynchronous operations, see the description of the 'before' option at!/api/
  11. This sounds like a bug. I'm moving it over to the bugs forum and opening a ticket.
  12. It generates something like this:

    Ext.define('MyApp.controller.MyController', {
    extend: '',

    onMycustomappevent: function() {
    alert('hey, an app event was...
  13. I'm curious as well; I hadn't noticed that before but it does seem that Cmd now puts the "boot" JS as an inline script in the built index.html. I don't know why it was chosen to do it that way;...
  14. Hmm, if 'sprites' is the correct/supported way to do this, then:

    the class docs for Ext.draw.Container need to be fixed because they currently contain example code that uses 'items' for the...
  15. OK, so that helps you target them and avoid ambiguity, but the goal is still the same, right? A single handler method for multiple components?
  16. I just did a test between 3.0 and 3.1. In each, I set a proxy's "api" config to an object containing mixed indentation, intra-line spacing, and trailing commas. In both, the generated code is...
  17. Thanks! So if I'm understanding correctly, it's mainly about being able to use a single handler method for many separate event listeners. Which is something that is easily done with plain listeners...
  18. We're working on an urgent patch that fixes this issue. Can't change the damage that's done but we're having some serious conversations on how to prevent this from happening again.

    On a...
  19. Yes, allowing JSDuck/jsdoc/etc. style comments had been a common user request going back a long time. We didn't just make this up. ;)

    But I think we're drifting from the original point... If I...
  20. Opened as DSGNR-6081 from another thread
  21. I beleive the main intent behind the pre-function comments is to support JSDuck-style commenting which depends on the comment's position to infer the function name and params, and requires the...
  22. Can you elaborate on 'some "gotchas" with the data binding that would be so easy to do in a regular editor that were "challenging" in SA' ...?
  23. This definitely looks like a bug -- functions should always have their enclosing function open/close lines visible. I've never seen this issue personally; if you can come up with any steps to...
  24. Do you notice any other changes in the generated code that would affect how the dependency loading would work? As long as Architect is still generating the code correctly with the wildcard requires...
  25. I agree that our object formatting needs improvement. Just to clear up any resulting confusion, though, I'll point out that this isn't "the new editor" doing something new; Architect has behaved this...
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