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  1. "Medium size"??? Thats a very nebulous term dude. :(

    If you're using Phonegap, then it's possible to do database syncing. In fact, It's common practice and has been demonstrated all over the web,...
  2. Replies
    You must have done something wrong to the page's CSS to bootstrap the app incorrectly.
  3. No one can read this. 1) Post your code within [ code ] tags or use
  4. how about : typeof Ext.Msg.alert
  5. OK. So if you did Ext.Msg.alert('foo', 'bar') in the console via a production build.... does that still throw the exception?
  6. 1) Please don't put "urgent" in requests. It's sometimes seen as a negative thing in requests.

    2) storeInfo is not global, which i'm guessing it needs to be. try window.storeInfo = function()...
  7. You're going it all wrong. Look at the documentation. There are design patterns for that explain how to customize the dialog boxes.
  8. try executing "sencha app refresh" at the CLI and rebuild. This makes no sense.

    Open up the console when you hit your exception and see if Ext.Msg is even defined.
  9. Please post well-formatted code. It's hard to assist when your code is difficult to read.
  10. The cordova in app browser allows you to intercept (clobber) all href calls. I know because I saw it in the documentation many moons ago. We've used it a lot in the past.
  11. Has to do w/ the fact that when you pass this.onResume as a reference (2nd argument), you lose execution scope (context).

    To fix this, the easiest way is to wrap the function via an...
  12. You Most likely need to require the Ext.Messagebox class in your application.
  13. This is completely true and something I was not thinking about 100% when i posted this.

    Feel free to delete / close this thread. I think it might reflect a bit more of me ranting than providing...
  14. I ran into this just now and didn't realize that this has existed since Ext JS 4. I think the implementation is severely broken.

    Listening to a select event from a TreePanel (or gridpanel as well)...
  15. Ext 5 is good for tablets. But, Touch has more mobile-centric UI metaphors that are standard for mobile apps :)
  16. Fixed :)
  17. That would be a metric ton of work dude. :(
  18. I looked at the bootstrap app and noticed that Application.js and app.js both have a name attribute. Being that app.js seems like an impl of Application.js' class, one would think that the name...
  19. +1
  20. During a meetup yesterday, the question was asked "why privates? Why not finals?" He has a good point.
  21. OK.
  22. Indeed. My main question still stands ;)
  23. Jsript (lowest common denominator) has no privates truly. Have you read the guides?
  24. Should the following use case cause an exception? (it doesn't today)

    Ext.define('Test.view.Panel1', {
    extend : 'Ext.Panel',

    xtype : 'somepanel',
  25. No. It clearly states in the blog that Ext JS is targeted for touch tablet devices.
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