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  1. I have checked it today. The latest revision is now 3049.
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    The collapse function of categories in the forum is still not working. You can't collapse a category anymore. It only jumps to the top. Please fix. It's a nice feature and i was using it. Thanks!
  3. No Problem Colin, that's what we are here for! :D

    I have a question about the svn access. I recognize that there are no commits since 27.02. Did you switch to git or another system? The latest...
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    You can add a SeriesSelectionHandler direct for the element if you click on it. Take the following example:

    and simply add a...
  5. Wow thank you very much Colin for these responses and the tests! Sure you're right that's in prod mode the performance it's absolutely okay. It's always a lot faster than in dev mode. I also try it...
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    I think, the problem was that he has to remove the default emptyvalidator from the list first. So first clear the list and then add your custom validator and it should work.
  7. I have the same problem! Any update or fix for this issue?
    Okay, you have to remove the super dev mode and the gwt User. Then it's working, but why?:-/
  8. It's linked to this bug:
  9. Hello sencha,

    i have realized a heavy performance difference for the gxt-3.1.0-beta chart libraries and the nightlies. The nightlies are so bad in performance for the charts. With the...
  10. Oh, sorry for that. I thought it is clear. You can see it in the picture what's the problem.
  11. I don't know what you want to do exactly. But if you want to cancel the selection you can do something like this:

  12. So here is my fully working testcase for the stacked bar chart with an dynamic ValueProvider.
    Simply add the gxt-jars and the gwt-servlet.jar to your project and it's runnable. It's not a perfect...
  13. It's still not working. I tested it with the newest nightly Version of GXT (gxt-3.1-20140402).

    Here is the testcase:

    ContentPanel main = new ContentPanel();
  14. Colin just answerd it:
    You have to create a DoubleClickHandler with a DoubleClickEvent, not a DoubleClickEvent with a DoubleClickHandler :D
  15. I tried it, but i don't get it work for the stacked bar chart. I get it worked for the x-axis but not for the y-axis.

    Can you please share you're code?

    I did it! :D
    I will share my code soon.
  16. You can see this in this example:

    final ScatterSeries<Data> scatter = new ScatterSeries<Data>(); ...
  17. Look:

    combo.setCell(new AbstractCell<DbMountPosition>() {
    public void render(Context context, Value value, SafeHtmlBuilder sb) {
  18. Hello together.

    Sencha you did and do a very nice job!
    The next things are only things i recognize while i click through the Explorer Demo. Some a real bugs, some are only things for the...
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    listView.addDomHandler(new DoubleClickHandler() {
    public void onDoubleClick(DoubleClickEvent event) {
    final String selectedItem =...
  20. Any help or hint?
  21. No, answer? I think this is really a bug. :D
  22. Hello,

    i want to have a panel with a fixed width in a centerlayoutcontainer. And the centerlayoutcontainer should have scrollbars so, that the panel is always completely visible. Around the panel...
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    There is a little bug in the collapse function of categories in the forum. You can't collapse a category anymore. It only jumps to the top. Please fix. It's a nice feature and i was using it. Thanks!
  24. Hello everyone,

    the Window in the Gray-Theme of GXT 3.0.6 looks a bit funny. It has different colors and styles for every 4 sides and the buttonbar. You can easily made a testcase where you can...
  25. Hello everyone,

    blink is not working. You can see it in your own Explorer demo. BlinkModal is set to true, but it's not blinking. This is for every known browser.
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