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  1. Try moving the sortable declaration to the ColumnModel's config. We're having the same problem with defaultSortable. There's code there to catch it but it doesn't seem to be working in our case...
  2. I've verified that this is still a problem in Ext 3.0 as well. The fix still appears to work.

    Why does this issue have "Fixed" in the title? It doesn't seem to have ever been implemented in the...
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    The old code for this AutoHideMenu was breaking in Ext 3.0. My guess is because of the promotion of Ext menus to component status. So, the old code's reference to "createEl" was no longer valid --...
  4. The following code appears to have fixed my issue...

    Ext.override(Ext.tree.TreeEditor, {
    triggerEdit : function(node, defer){
  5. Good to know. (about the beer)

    I've got this working now in our app. The developers were bypassing triggerEdit at first with a direct call to startEdit. That was my initial problem. Not sure why...
  6. I'm still testing this code.

    It works great in Firefox. But I'm seeing problems in IE6. I'm looking at it now to see if the problem is specific to our application or within Ext. I'll post back...
  7. Glad I found this.

    We're having this problem in our app too. Any traction we can get on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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    I had some problems with the code above. First, IE started complaining that the menuItem was coming across null. Then I recognized that it didn't answer my specific problem.

    The code above will...
  9. Thanks DJLI!

    That screencast was very helpful. Are there any more of those available?

    I went into HttpProxy and looked through all that code. I will say this about ExtJS. I often learn much...
  10. What I've been able to figure out thus far is that the remote paging does not appear to be sending the 'start' and 'limit' parameters. So every time it goes to the server it's hitting the HttpProxy...
  11. I see my first mistake.

    Posting this in the Ext 1.x forum. My bad. Could someone please move it over to the Ext 2.x Help forum?

    Sorry about the confusion. I didn't see that there were two...
  12. Hi,

    I've been plugging away at this now for a couple of days and I can't seem to get any headway on it.

    Our group is converting a paginated grid that was working in 1.1 to 2.0. But for some...
  13. I found out that the issue was caused by a padding style set in the container div. Maybe there should be something in the docs to warn against padding within a container div or some guidance for...
  14. Cool. I'll check that file. Thanks.
  15. After no small amount of searching through the ExtJS documentation, I think it would be helpful to have some way to do a search to find specific events, properties or methods. It's not always...
  16. I've been fighting this issue for about a day now while working on a POC to adopt Ext-JS as the Javascript framework for our app.

    I'm trying to create a Layout within a div because our application...
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