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  1. With html5 localstorage Name/value pairs are always stored as strings.
  2. Yes there are cordova plugins that provide the functionality that you need.
  3. Nothing stands out in the code that you have provided. Are there any warnings or errors in the console? Can you put together a fiddle reproducing this behavior.
  4. Use the model's set method.!/api/
    Here's an example. Will change the name of the selected record to Fred....
  5. You should add the path to this folder to your app.classpath in YourApp/.sencha/app/sencha.cfg


    And not in your app.json.
  6. Sounds like you built the example. That is not necessary. The examples can be ran in dev mode from YourSDK/examples/geocongress. This is where you will find the uncompressed code. The store source...
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    Have you checked the source? It is usually the best way to answer questions when the documentation falls short.

  8. What debugging have you done so far? Can you clarify what you mean by incomplete data?
  9. You may want to post this question in the windows dev forums as well. Have you tried to google the error message? Came across the following on the Windows Dev site:...
  10. There are some plugins that add this functionality.
  11. Thanks for the report this is a known issue TOUCH-5283
  12. It doesn't surprise me as writes to the dom are expensive. Any css changes should be made before the component is rendered. Try the initialize event....
  13. I take it you mean a project that contains both ExtJS and Touch code. I believe the answer would be no. You may want to verify that in the Architect forums. From my understanding you specify which...
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    I know Cordova has an resume event.
  15. Check out the GeoCongress application in your local SDK. The source can be found in YourSDK/examples/geocongress. The stores in this app use jsonp.
    The framework is anything but easy so its...
  16. Is your local SDK installed on a web server? The examples do work. The examples in the SDK are the same as the examples on the website @!/example
    The SDK...
  17. Check out the docs on component query.!/api/Ext.ComponentQuery

    This should help you gain a better understanding of selectors. I notice you were using a id on...
  18. Ext.define defines a store. Where as Ext.create creates an instance of a store.
    In MVC apps you will usually use Ext.define.

    Ext.define('', {
    extend :...
  19. Not sure that I understand the issue you are experiencing. Can you please clarify with a fiddle or provide the url for one of our examples that illustrates the issue.

    Overrides still exist. How you declare them has changed.

    Ext.define('', {
  21. Could you please clarify with a fiddle. The issue is not clear from your description.
  22. No unfortunately its not a simple plug and play moving an app from Touch to ExtJS.
    Some of the reasons include:
    1. ExtJS does not use the config object on its classes
    2. Some configs tend to have...
  23. You have to use jsonp for cross domain requests.!/api/
  24. Add it to the tabs items config. Either by xtype or full config.
    For an example see the following fiddle:
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    Is this issue reproducible in any of our examples? If so can you please post the url so I can file a bug.
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