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  1. you can do like this

    xtype: 'combo'
    listeners: {
    'select': function(t){ alert(t.value); }
  2. You can have a listener as below:-

    var applicationCombo = new Ext.form.ComboBox({
    store: ['Application 1', 'Application 2', 'Application 3'],
    listeners: {
    'select': function(combo, record,...
  3. I'm using ExtJS 4.
    This code works for me... I can switch between panel using getLayout()...
    Moreover, getLayout() is returning an object in my code...
    I dont know whats wrong with this one
  4. You can try this:

    var X = e.browserEvent.clientX;
    var Y = e.browserEvent.clientY;[X, Y]);
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