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  1. Hello,

    I am using Aggregation Rows in a Grouping Grid to calculate Sums/Averages based on Groups in a grouping grid.
    This works perfectly fine.
    However a new requirement for me is now to have a...
  2. Hi,

    I think there must be a way to tell the grid with grouping columns to collapse / expand all groups.
    Currently I have to select the (+) or (-) button for each group.

    Help is very...
  3. Hi,

    I would like to present summary information (sums) at the bottom of my grid, without grouping.

    I have only found a way to sum values if I use SummaryColumnConfig - objects in my group and...
  4. CLOSED!
    Problem was releated to a wrong equals - method on the BeanModel object presented in the grid.....

    I am using GXT 2.0.1 and I have a problem selecting rows in a grid.

    The following...
  5. fair enough sven, but my search was not successful.
    Thanks for your hint.
  6. Im am using GXT 2.01 together with IE 7 and FF 3.5.

    My grid header is very straightforward using a column model without column grouping etc.
    Every time I am updating/refreshing ( I am sure what...
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    I would like to save precious space and therefore want to show a tree without any icons at all.
    If I do not set any icons, then GWT puts in a blank icon.

    Is it possible to have a plain...
  8. Hi,

    the class ColumnConfig has the public function

    * Returns the column's tool tip.
    * @return the tool tip
    public String getToolTip() {
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    is there is a way to use the DateField and/or DatePicker to select a time rather than a date? I would like to use this in an editable grid.

  10. Hi Darell,

    please find attached a small example for my issue (format is an Eclipse Project).
    After starting the module a tree appears which is fine.
    Click on the first node (quote) and a child...
  11. Thank you for the info. I am sure it will be an interesting release.
    Any idea when 1.1. will be released?

  12. Hi,

    according to the main developper of hibernate4gwt (see below) the class BaseListLoadResult can not be used as the class does not behave like a bean. It is missign a setData - funktion...
  13. Hi Darell,

    I have just tried out the latest version and the issue with the tree still exists.
    is there anything I can try out for you to help?

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    you can do that of course.
    Or -even easier - using the constructor of ArrayList like this one:

    ArrayList<Transaction> sublist = new ArrayList<Transaction>((List<Transaction>) list...
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    Context: GXT 1.0, Windows XP, GWT 1.5


    I have a problem which is not only related to GXT, but this phenomenon appears here as well. I am using RPC and its types can only be...
  16. Hi Darell,

    I am posting some code snapshots to give you the full picture.
    It seems that the whole tree organization gets confused. It happens sometimes that a tree is expanded and shows a child...
  17. Hi,

    I'd like to add a summary line below my Table - object.
    Let's assume there is a stock table with the following columns:

    nominal value Comment
    500 ...
  18. Context: GXT 1.0, Windows XP, IE 7.0, Hosted Mode

    I am using a Tree (with Proxy and Binder) and I experience, that the wait-icon, which is bound to the style "my-tree-loading" is not removed,...
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    I also think that mult fields should also be vertically. GXT is a professional GUI toolkit...
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    thanks again for the help.
    However, even after turning to JSNI (which I try to avoid anyway) and opening a new browser via $ a new browser opens, but the path within the url...
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    thanks for the hint with Window and Window.Locator.

    However, there is still something weired.
    All Url's of the form are translated into (loosing...
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    I would like to open a new Browser Window with a specific URL, having the Toolbars and Menues as the Windows Explorer normally has.

    After playing around with the Window class I gave up,...
  23. Hi,

    in the first versions of GXT I have often used the concept of assigning CellRenderers to a TableViewer. This concept worked for domain values which had no relationship to the ModelData...
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    I am looking for a gui element (e.g. a DataList) that allows the use of checkboxes in a list. I could not find anything in the forums.

    Similarly, I am missing the option to show e.g....
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