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  1. Hello,

    I wonder if the way I want to do this is the best one:

    I will create a store and after having loaded it, i will do a myForm.setValue(;

    Is it a right way to do it?
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    A weird thing is happening in my code.

    I have defined a store and his model and the proxy to load data from DB.
    Then with my controller I load data into the store like this:.

  3. I've sent 2 messages last Thursday and Friday through the contact form.
  4. Yes, it was ok, in fact the problem was from old winZip version. So the commercial works too.
    I will try again to contact sales departement but as I don't get an answer for an easy question I wonder...
  5. Is there any difference between the GPL and the commercial version?

    I have tried to contact the sales regarding this question as I would like to know which version to use but I didn't get any...
  6. Hello, I want to try extjs 5. Unfortunately the zip file is corrupted. I've tried several times and it's always the same problem. Does anyone could give me a link to a correct file? Thanks
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    Hello, is there a bug with this layout?

    xtype: 'radiogroup',
    fieldLabel: 'Type',
    columns: 2,
    items: [{
  8. Hello,

    I'm doing a very simple app with 3 forms that display 1 grid a 1 chart each.

    The first works fine as there's only few datas.

    But for the second, I won't say there's lot of data as my...
  9. thanks for your answer.
  10. Hello,

    I'm doing a reconfigure of my grid by doing this:

    var __columns = [];
    for (i=0;i<numberOfYear;i++){
    currentYear = parseInt(startingYear) + i;
  11. Thans burnnat, it works fine now, you saved me 6 useless functions :-)
  12. Hello burnnat,It's almost what I need.
    Here's what I do for the moment:

    init: function ()
    { var me = this;
    this.control({ ...
  13. Hi Zinnia,

    Thanks for your answer, however the problem is that I want to pass the content of my label as a parameter, that's why I need to pass it as a parameter...
  14. Hello,

    I want to set a label in the afterrender event. For this I have to pass it the id of the label as I want to use the same function several times.
    I can pass it like this:

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    Thanks for your answer, in the meantime I've found my mistake.

    I defined the field with the values in the model with a type "string" instead of "integer"...

    Ext.define('STAT.model.GS', { ...
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    I generate a bar chart with data but it doesn't take the good maximum value. For example, I have a set of data where the max value is 103 but the chart shows 100 as maximum so I don't see...
  17. Hi,

    Thanks for your answer, unfortunately it does the same behaviour, I still can click on another checkbox while the component is grey.

    I've finally found a workaround, I do a setVisible(true)...
  18. Hello,

    I've got a tree panel and a grid. When I tick a checkbox, data are loading into the grid.

    I want to prevent the user to tick another check box until data are loaded.

    I've tried to...
  19. Hello,

    I'm doing the following to display a date update in a label xtype (I need to use html because, I've also added images and a couple of links:
    You can check the result here: ...
  20. Hello,

    I'd like to avoid the scrollbar in my list of value in a combo.

    Is it possible ? When I have a certain number of values it comes automatically. I have tried autoScroll: false but it...
  21. I did a recursive function and added '---' each time I went down on a level when I created the json.
  22. Well ok, I've written the following and it works:

    grid --> action: 'clearData'
    controller -- > 'button[action="clearData"]':

    I'm not sure if the problem came from the 'cls' name I gave or...
  23. What do you mean?

    in my grid--> action: 'cls'
    in my controller: 'button[action=cls]':

    Does cls a reserved word?
  24. Thanks, I'm using your softdelete explanation and it works fine.
  25. Hello,

    I'm trying to reuse a working code from a previous application but it doesn't work in the new one.

    I've created a button in my grid and I've put an event on click in my controller. At...
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