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    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2.0

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 27.0.1453.110 m
  2. I thought a delay on the selection on focus code might do it, but here is already one in place (and a chrome issue reference) in Ext.form.field.Text.beforeFocus()

    if (me.selectOnFocus ||...

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome Version 26.0.1410.64 m
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    Ah yes of course - the hierarchy:


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    Hi there,

    On an event listener I am changing the chart store data and want to update the chart axis titles as well.

    Here's my axes config:

    var axes = [
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    Another one to add to @makanas list you can't set no background on a panel header

    Sencha CMD error:

    (Line 448 of ../../../packages/ext-theme-neutral/sass/src/panel/Panel.scss: "null" is not a...
  7. I'm still curious why the override that isn't really an override works.
  8. 4.2 RC (may be a 4.1 issue too, haven't checked)

    When a cell edit is complete, and the underlying grid is outside the viewable browser area, the page is scrolled so that the whole grid.view is...
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    It was definitely a learning curve for me too, but I'm now happily using the new themes structure.

    The only issues I still have are:
    - the slow compile process (about 15secs using sencha ant...
  10. My (hacky) workaround for the moment is to roughly calculate the grid height (based on store.getCount() * a nominal row height figure) and add room for a scrollbar.

    I might get around to doing an...
  11. With this slightly modified version of the grid sample code at Sencha API docs (height removed and width changed to 200):

    Ext.create('', { storeId:'simpsonsStore',
  12. Thanks Don.

    This does compile the src/view/CustomeAppView.scss

    But of course it doesn't compile anything Ext.* (in src and var) which also means we don't have access to all the ancestor...
  13. It's in beta, we're gonna find issues before you document them.

    I figured that would be how it should be done and I did try this method. It doesn't work for me:

    For example I have a...
  14. Aha, that makes it clearer which approach we should take, as our app is designed to be themed per installation, so our custom theme is effectively our base theme and this will be extended with a...
  15. When I run sencha ant sass theme theme resources are not copied to the build/resources directory

    Both my custom theme and it's parent, neptune have images in their respective {theme package...
  16. Thanks Navaar, you saved me the job of explaining what I learned yesterday ;-)

    This bit I didn't know. I was under the impression that the suggested approach was to create a custom theme for...
  17. Ok a bit of a hack but here's how I got around the null value problem, at least with gradients.

    In my custom theme I set up support for a new gradient type - 'flat'

    This is added to...
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    Yes I do sorely miss

    compass watch

  19. Looking at this again this morning. The order is correct because of the use of !default


    However I'm still a bit unclear on...
  20. Yeah we could get around the issue by putting vars in the 'wrong' place but it would be a shame to start hacking this new approach to themes. I'd prefer to start off with a neat and logical approach...
  21. When running sencha ant sass theme on a custom theme that extends neptune, the order that items are compiled seems to make overriding or leveraging parent theme variables impossible. My theme is...
  22. We use sencha ant sass theme

    This also compiles the css
  23. With the new theme based structure I'm wondering where to put sass styles for custom views.

    For example I have a class:


    I tried the following:
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    Ok I got it. I can't use sencha ant sass any more to create the css. I need to use sencha app build or sencha package build from within the theme package folder.

    Edit: sencha app refresh is...
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    Thanks for all that Henrik - I ran into similar problems.

    Did you play with adding mods to you generated theme? That's where I'm stuck now, nothing I add to the sass folders seems to create...
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