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    As a current work around - it appears issuing a record.commit() after setting/updating the id will address this bug.

    Sencha Support TEam
  2. Actually - you only need to do the build once. From then you can run the emulator against any number of virtual devices using the cordova command. There will be no need to rebuild your application.
  3. Hi,

    The bigger issue here is that most examples are not realizing that stores are asynchronous and you cannot apply linear
    programming and expect correct results. Store events must be used to...
  4. If you are in need of a quick fix, modify the file .sencha/app/page-impl.xml and add
    the following line after line 78 and 85


    The exclude switch will exclude any property...
  5. Hi,

    scrollToTopOnRefresh: false should leave the list as is. Please note that a store load without the use of paging destroys all list items so the list view will always scroll to the top. If you...
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    Hi Jim,

    While we cannot recommend any third party hosting solutions by name, any solution that will serve up your video stream would suffice. You should keep in mind that such services should have...
  7. Hi,

    Unfortunately, the method of creating a store using the 'fields' property has it's restrictions, and is still included in the framework
    for backwards compatibility only. For advanced field...
  8. This appears to be a known issue with Cordova/Phonegap and iOS8. Information about this problem and possible
    solutions can be found here
  9. Hi,

    I am not entirely sure, based on your code snippets, what may be going on, but I have created a working example
    of dataview with use components and controllers which show how you how this...
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    Hi Bumpy,

    As you can tell by the number of bugs reported about the virtual keyboards on mobile devices, this is a difficult issue to resolve primarily because of the incredibly large number of...
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    As with Touch 2.3, touch grids is supported and included when you purchase Touch Complete and comes as a package which you can require in your application.

    More information about Touch Complete...
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    Touch components, unfortunately, do not have the ability to collapse.

  13. Association stores use remote filters to pull in associated records therefore no local filtering is available. And as the store is automatically created with an initial filter to fetch only remote...
  14. For now - a quick fix for this is to turn off animation on the collapsible panel :

    animCollapse: false

    At least this will allow the panels to collapse/expand correctly.

  15. Follow up - to make the grey placeholder appear in 2.3.2 you can add this style to your index.html :

    .x-input-el {
    -webkit-text-fill-color: initial !important;
  16. I'm not noticing this difference in our fiddle system. Here is a fiddle showing placeholder/textfield and the issue appears to be in 2.3.2 of Touch changing the style from the normally expected one...
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    Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
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    For those who are running into issues with builds from within Architect, a workaround for
    this is to:

    1) Open up a terminal window
    2) Change to the root directory of your application (the one...
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    Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  20. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  21. You should remove the redundant formpanel. That is what is causing the issue.

    You can just put your fields in component directly as it is a formpanel.

  22. I'm not entirely sure of the issue you are describing (you say it's not working, but don't describe what is failing to work).

    You do not have a row template defined (you just have an empty string)...
  23. Well - it appears that the correct behaviour is in ExtJS - the two instances should be separate and are individual objects of the model class. The exception to this would be when your ExtJS 5...
  24. Hi,

    I've verified what you are seeing and am just checking now to see what is the expected behaviour for this situation (I'm going to guess the overwrite, but cannot be too sure until I hear back...
  25. Here is a fiddle which provides an override to fix this issue :
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