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  1. Yeah I do something like that now, I just check if I'm on a desktop webrowser (Chrome) or not and use the notification from Sencha or use the phonegap version otherwise.
  2. Well yes, but for example using alert will not give the possibility to set a title.. and Ext.device.Notification should use the phonegap implementation if available according to the documentation.
  3. Could it be that it expects phonegap till version 1.4 ..? Cause all naming in the phonegap project is changing to Cordova.
  4. Well, when the app is wrapped in phonegap and tested on a mobile device, I do not see the native version of the alert popup..
  5. Before and after build in iOS the gives an alert in the style of the Ext.Msg component (I even think it is that one). I expect whenever possible the native message box...
  6. for me it only works when I have the scripts in this order (so first the microloader):

    <script id="microloader" type="text/javascript" src="sdk/microloader/development.js"></script>

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    does that mean that the builded app (e.g. app-all.js) will not be self contained?
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    I'm building my sencha touch 2 app with the build tools the way as described here:
    From my...
  9. well, then what is many... I mean the view contains; an input field, 5 buttons and a list with no more then 3 items max. The buttons are however, made out of css3 purely. So rounded corners, gradient...
  10. I experience some performance issue for iOS within the app I currently work on. The problem occurs when certain buttons are tapped, which will push a view on the navigation stack of the...
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    thanks! I did an override now, but custom properties, the way you describe, seems a much better approach.
  12. REQUIRED INFORMATIONArchitect Build tested:

    Build: 442
    Project Type:Touch 2.xDescription:

    When setting the text property of a button to the numeric value 0, it won't show up in the design...
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    Somewhere on the forum I read that you can set a backButton property for the navigationBar component. This is handy, cause I wanted to give the backButton a different theme and look then the navbar...
  14. I think you can set both option values (space separated)
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