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  1. Yes i agree but must be an easy way of finding this issues.

    If framework not tell me which class is missing, how can i know this? I spent one work day for solve this problem.

    Should i write...
  2. I investigated the compiled app.js file and found this:

    app.js file trying to create rest proxy object by "" alias but can't convert its name to class name because class list doesn't...
  3. This files must be copy to build folder. If i configure it this way these files not copied to build folder.

    Actually i can't find a good way to integrate third party js files.

    My working...
  4. I have already requires config in my files.

    I investigated script in index.html. Script finds the script tags in index.html and then looks at the src property. Then loads the files. But there is a...
  5. Hi,

    Successfully builded 5.1 application not working. Development site is working normally but builded index.html trying to load /.js nameless file and gives 404 error. How can I find the problem?...
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    I agree 100%, I can't develop my project because I am fighting bugs. New features is good but we don't need new features now, we need only stable working framework. I think I return Ext JS 5.0 maybe...
  7. Yes if we remove model validations and allowBlank config then it allow empty value. Also if there is model validation in model definition and remove modelValidation:true config then it allow empty...
  8. I removed validations in model and modelValidation:true from form and used allowBlank: false in form fields but nothing changed. There is not a model validation but still model is not accepting empty...
  9. How can i implement grid-form binding with model validation and also users can be able to view validation errors?

    I want to use model.isValid() method but in my scenario this is not possible...
  10. I have a grid and binded form with model validation. When i delete a form field value with presence validation, grid column value not change. Am I missing something or is this a bug?

  11. Ext version tested:

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 39.0.2171.95

    Buttons keeps disabled view in grid. You can test it with this fiddle. ExtJS 5.0...
  12. Hi,

    I have widget column in grid. When i load the grid from restful service, widget's onBoxReady event not working on ExtJS 5.1.

    ExtJS 5.0 is working normally.

    You can test it with this...
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    I have a panel with card layout contains two panels. Second panel with vbox layout contains initially collapsed fieldset. In this scenario second panel is not rendered and gives error. If the...
  14. Problem is still continue with Sencha Cmd v5.0.1.231. Also quick fix not working. We can't use Sencha Cmd.
  15. Hi,

    I am trying to create custom component but i can't. Is this a bug? Or how can i create new component?

    1. Create new SA project.
    2. Add a viewport to design window.
    3. Select Edit -> New...
  16. We have same problem and our regional settings also Turkish. I read this thread it seems not yet fixed. I am curious about when will fix.
  17. I am using PHP-REST-JSON. Same problem. First auto load working, second manuel load is not working.
  18. Did you resolve this?
  19. Sorry, my fault, i only search in extjs4 docs.
  20. I can't find rootProperty in sencha docs.
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