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    The command I was trying to execute is...

    sencha upgrade --beta

    Sencha Cmd v5.0.1.231
    [INF] Determining the latest version of Sencha Cmd
    [ERR] Download...
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    I still get the same error with CMD Is this supposed to be fixed? Is there a work around?
  3. I'm not sure how you implemented it without seeing any code. Maybe you can try adding a sorttype.
  4. Thanks Gil. Turing off the "Show Available Updates" stopped from having to click immediately.

  5. I have the migrated folder out there in SA 2.2's directory. I still get prompted but perhaps it's because I haven't been able to sign on. If I don't close the log in prompt within a few seconds SA...
  6. Is there any ETA for the fix?

    A quick work around is to add this to the handler (or controller) for the button.

    if (Ext.isIE8 || Ext.isIE7 || Ext.isIE6) {
    location.href =...
  7. This also applies if I try to add say a percent % sign. I.e.
    format: '0.0%'

    It works fine outside of architect. I worked around it by doing it in a renderer.

  8. @Animal, could you tell us exactly what we need to override to fix this issue?
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    See this thread:
  10. I was able to get it working by adding by the following listener to each of my accordion items.

    // workaround for EXTJSIV-7642 (not working)
    listeners: {
    expand: function(item) {
  11. Is there an override for this? The one mentioned above doesn't work. Also, I couldn't find the jira entry in any of the recent release notes.
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    I ended up downloading SA 2.2 (in a different directory to be safe). Everything worked fine in my existing projects after updating them. As a side note...I had to use fiddler to get around the proxy...
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    Has the auto-upgrade been shipped? I heard it would be "this week", but I haven't gotten it. I just want to make sure my companies firewall isn't blocking it.
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  15. Change your Home view to extend navigation view instead of container. Container doesn't have a push method. extend: 'Ext.navigation.View'
  16. That would be very handy. It's a lot faster than deploying to the devices and would be nice when initially developing an app.
  17. Vijay,
    I'd recommend you checking out the extdirectspring implementation for Java. There's a comprehensive set of examples here.
  18. Has anyone attempted to create a Bing Maps extension? I've seen GeoExt2, but that's using OpenLayers and I want to stay away from pulling in too many libraries.
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    Hello's the progress? Any chance of getting a beta version to test out?
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    +1 for getting it to work in 2.1
  21. @frankbolviken - Look back a couple pages in this post. I've updated it to 4.1 and it's working fine for me.

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    Look in the extjs/examples/app folder that comes with the download.
  23. I should also point out one more thing. In the ux you'll see this line:

    itemCls: ['x-tabpanel-child', 'x-vertical-tab-panel'],

    This use to be

    itemCls: 'x-tabpanel-child'...
  24. I've updated this for 4.1. NOTE: There is currently a bug in beta 2 EXTJSIV-5244 see: ...
  25. Here's an example for you using the VerticalTabPanel extension (I did have to make some updates to this). Once launching this keep clicking on tabs. You will eventually get an array size exception...
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