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  1. Is the version field sent?

    Conceptually for deletion you only need the entity id and to be sure that nobody changed it before deletion the version. IMHO other fields shouldn't be needed for...
  2. Works for me.
  3. Method #1:
    Manual: Select WebContent folder then refresh it.

    Method #2:
    Auto: Preferences > Workspace >
    Refresh using native hooks or pooling
    Refresh on access

    Sometimes with #2 you have...
  4. Undocumented methods on ViewController:


    Since they don't have JSDoc "annotations" no documentation is generated so its existence isn't noticed.
  5. Or create a component which renders date. I haven't needed yet but this is a component I wrote some years ago to display formatted numeric values:

  6. Yep, I'm aware of that, thanks anyway.
    What I'm saying is that by default date are send different for CRUD that for filtering.
    BTW In the original UX filtering component dateFormat was used to send...
  7. Yep.
    If you don't set dateFormat neither dateWriteFormat the date is send to server as seconds from 1/1/70,AFAIK unix date/time. I'm starting a new application with ExtJS 5 and I'm trying to use...
  8. Model's date send the date as seconds after 1 Jan 1970 while filter date is send as milliseconds.

    I think that should be consistent and bot should send seconds or ms.

  9. Never mind, "critical" does the trick.
    Sorry, I should RTFD before posting such questions!

    This property and model's versionProperty are new in ExtJS 5 so may be that should be mentioned in...
  10. Hi.

    I'm creating a new application in which I want that server side will only receive from ExtJS front only the modified fields which is the default BUT I need to send, apart from record id and...
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    5.0.1 release date?

    I have found some bugs which may be already fixed but I don't like the idea on using nighty builds.

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    Never mind, I just found them.
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    I finally started to play with ExtJS 5 but there is no "locale" folder in the distribution.

    Where is?

    If there is not, will be?

    Or should I start a localization from scratch?
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    I know that is very hard to get into some place where you don't have Internet access but it happens.

    Chances to get the ExtJS 5 for offline use?
  15. Everybody already said but... RTFD! :p
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    Is up to you the xtype naming scheme you want to use but the idea behind xtype is to have shorten / mnemonic alternate name for the component.

  17. Only converting "header" property to object then add items like:

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.MyPanel', {
    extend: 'Ext.panel.Panel',

    height: 250,
    width: 400,
  18. Thats JS error no SA problem.

    - Give more context when you ask.
    - Grab / buy a good JS book (Secrets of JavaScript Ninja -
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    I have also complete and just downloaded ExtJS 5 commercial from support's page (

  20. Hi.

    Seems that Sencha Architect support for Ext 5 will not be ready for some time so I have no alternative other to start to hand write Ext 5 applications. When I started with Ext I used eclipse...
  21. As I said before is a tradeoff between quick UI development and no "OOP practices".

    The time saved in UI design worth that "bad practice".

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    I'm trying to start with ExtJS 5 but found one information in Guides and another in the API Docs.

    To mention one: "Grid filters are plugin now" in guides but API docs have nothing new about grid...
  23. Simply: That's the way Sencha decided to implement MVVM.

    And I think is a good thing: keep code separated.
    Sure sometimes will feel as too over engineered.

  24. I mixed up this thread with another related to SA and MVC.

    FWIW I haven't wrote anything with ExtJS 5, I have been just looking around docs and examples.

    I'm waiting for SA to support ExtJS 5...
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    That's what you shouldn't do in OOP but in SA there is no option because doesn't supports inheritance.

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