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  1. I am struggling with sprite rotation.I cant find an example anywhere.can someone please help?
    here's my code for changing opacity but I wish to rotate the rectangle:

    var main =...
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    +1 for future implementations of ext js
  3. see title
  4. well; it requires a spring back end which i don't have...i am looking for something more standalonish like only with ext 5 support
  5. Hi guys;
    so it looks like there's no formal java impl for for Ext 5.
    whats my best bet? any experience anyone had?
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    so for Java it does not seem that I have any formal support for Ext 5 at the moment? is anything in the works?
  7. @Mitchell, please read my Note...

    so removing the top config does not help...
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    Hi;used div.x-slider:before{..} to customize the slider drag areaused div.x-thumb:after{..} to style the thumb itself.thanks.
  9. Hi;
    I have a container with 3 items: 1 toolbar and 2 container.
    for a reason beyond me, vertical scrolling on the parent container scrolls the toolbar...
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    I cant seem to get how to style my slider via css (not sass). for example, the color of the thumb.
    I have search for some resources regarding this but nothing definite.
    your help is...
  11. hi;
    I need to populate a store/model with nested json but I don't want to use associations. is this possible?
    for example, the following json:

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    Hi all;
    I recently bumped into the question of weather to further nest my layouts or use templates in order to achieve a relatively complex layout I needed. I couldn't draw the line between which...
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    Bump;I have the same issue now...your help is appreciated.
  14. Hi all;
    the docs state:
    "This is disabled by default in Sencha Touch as it has a performance impact when your application has vertical scrollers, plus, in most cases it is not very useful."
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    Hi all;
    I have an app with many views. I want each view to implement a foo() function. each view will have a different foo implementation.
    what is the way to achieve this in sencha class system?...
  16. Yes
    U can check the docs for specifics
  17. Hi all
    the select component allows a one to one mapping between the field name of a model and the text that is displayed as the select options.
    The text I need to display is located in 2 model...
  18. Hi; I guess I should have learned this a long time ago...
    I have noticed that in my app that when displaying images, the width of the window is ~320 css pixles even though its a 1080p screen. I...
  19. guys I need your help here...thanks!
  20. @mitchellsimoens's swipe tabs works great for my app with ST2.3.1
  21. the link to github os not there anymore.can someone share the HtmlToStringFunction function?
  22. Hi;
    couldnt find an answer to this one.
    I want to display non ascii text in the select field's options text by using html entities.
    for some reason the html entities are displayed as is in the...
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    hey guys;
    we usually ask questions here.
    every once in a while I want to stop and appreciate Sencha. its my second time around developing an application with ST. my first app was built with ST1 and...
  24. thanks guys;
    actually itemId did the trick and it works ok. my selector looks like 'path to component[itemId=<my item id>]' now. so the problem is with ids only.
    I do destroy everything so it must...
  25. Hi guys;
    in my scenario I have a single controller for my app, a side menu and a main area that is dynamic, meaning each click on the side menu destroys the current view in the dynamic area and...
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