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    Hi Mitchell,

    I'm not sure what your reply is saying. Are you saying that this no longer works because initDraggable is called on the first layout or are you saying you fixed this by ensuring...
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    The "dd" property on a Window is now "undefined" in the after render method whereas it was not in 4.0.7.


    win = Ext.create("Ext.window.Window",cfg);
  3. Ah my bad, thanks for letting me know.
  4. Hello,

    The following used to work with 4.0.0 but with 4.1.0 only the first tab contains content. All other tabs remain empty.

    new Ext.window.Window({
    "autoShow": true,
  5. Hello,

    Does anyone know how this property is used and also what does the data type "Mixed" look like?

    Thank You.
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    Finally. After 4 days of searching I found my answer. I am loading tabs dynamically and I need to be able to deliver the tab content as JSON so setting the model on the store/proxy was giving me...
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