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    Yup, that did it. Adding it as external with defer in the body of the page worked. In IE7 at least.

    Thanks all.
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    Thanks MJ, I was reading a different article. Basically using defer is risky business. In any of the tests the external scripts are executed last so the chances of overriding them inline is nil....
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    Ok, so it is the defer attrib on the script tag that is causing the problem.
    Any idea how I can get around this? I do not have access to remove the defer attribute.
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    This is loaded in header using:

    <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="/_layouts/1033/core.js?rev=lZYgRLS0NK0xS25QWv2UYQ%3D%3D" defer></script>
    This is the function in the js...
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    I have a function in a .js file that is referenced in the head, that I want to override.

    I thought simply re-writing the function in the body would do it, but for some reason , it does not...
  6. Hi Torres,

    Everything works great in FF, bur i'm definetly having issues in IE. Not just desk-kregator issues, deshtop issues. None of the widgets on your page laucnh; the system bar is not...
  7. I just tried your demo site in IE. i'm not sure of it being very slow, but the desktop does not display. It flashes up for a seconod then disappears. Seems to work better on FF.
    Still cool though...
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    Very impressive; what are you using at the back-end. Is this .net based with sql?
  9. 'lo.

    So i'm an ASP.NET developer (kindov). Lets say i get about as much time to do development as I do to run for president. Now granted i wasn't born here so I would never run for president,...
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    Is it possible to have a menu similar to what amazon has? i.e. click the arrow to the right of gift cards and a menu 'panel' comes up.
    Just wondering if anyone has done this...
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    I was just wondering how to maintain state for a panel....
  12. Hi there.

    Is it possible to style the top of the accordian but have different left and right ends? See attached. The left side of the panel has a square cut, the right has a rounded corner.
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    New web site looks great. Was just wondering if the samples div on your home page that allows you to page the samples, was an ext control, or something ye threw together? Looks nice!

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    I'm not sure if I read that there's a dashboard planned for ext 2.0.
    If there is, I thought I'd mention my favorite

    i love the way you can dynamically resize the width...
  15. JorisA,

    That looks sweet. Is that using the tree with columns or the grouping in grid 3.0?
  16. Thanks! That does work quite well. Using fitToFrame: true, autoScroll:true it fills the set region. So as you said, i have to resize that with the window.
  17. Hi.

    If I have a page that uses borders, similar to, can I use Border layout within the confines of the body? i.e. in the case of cnet, the layout would be inside the tabbed page.
    When i...
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    I've started to use the datastore, and would love to see some examples/tutorials of how this works. What happens when you edit a cell and get the red marker thingy; how the store, grid, and view fit...
  19. Solved:

    Yahoo Music Unlimited wasn't working (apparently doesn't with Vista), and one of their recommendations was to not use Http 1.1. I forgot to reenable it. My bad.

    Site looks fab again....
  20. Getting a script error: Line 1: Invalid character.
    Tried debugging in VS 2005, and It can't find deploy\yui-ext-1214.php.

    i'll keep digging...
  21. Hi Jack.

    I'm not seeing any data on your site other than google adds with IE7. It seems the scripts/css are missing. I'm running Vista Business. It looks fine on ff.

  22. Just wondering how filters work. If I apply a filter to a dataModel, the grid reflects the filter, but is the data actually removed from the model? It doesn't seem to be. If the data isn't...
  23. Thanks Jack.

    I did actuall try 'load', but I was using:


    but if I use:

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    I hear ya jack. Unfortunately I can't as it's internal, and it requires AD. I'm trying to get myself setup with a public box, so i can trash this stuff out. Also, it doesn't work with FF at all. ...
  25. Im trying to add a listener to my dataModel when it's reloaded with new data. But it doesn't seem to fire.

    var dataModel;
    this.dataModel = new YAHOO.ext.grid.XMLDataModel(schema);...
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