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  1. See this other post,
  2. @jsonb885: Small mod to yours. I replaced c.requiredField with c.allowBlank and avoid hidden fields.
    I've also wrapped the field label in the span. CSS is applied to the field instead of using an...
  3. Great find. Thanks!
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    In my case I have a border layout where the north region is a search panel and the center is a dataview. Scroll bars never showed up whenever results overflow in the dataview.

    The only way I got...
  5. The very top of INCLUDE_ORDER.txt reads:

    All adapter related files below are located in
    /adapters/<lib name>/ of this zip file.

    Your include order should be:

    Ext Stand-alone...
  6. The results are in, congratulations to the entire Ext JS team!!
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    I agree. I think that users who will not (or cannot) leave messages in English do not benefit from the entire community's input.
  8. Read this post on the ColdFusion API for Ext JS, then debug the underlying Grid with Firebug.
  9. The backend has nothing to do with how pagination works, just make sure to create a properly formatted result in XML or JSON (look at the Ext examples for that).

    Take a look at this (CF Verity)...
  10. It looks like you're exporting an CF query object as JSON. Take it a step further by creating a bean (CFC) that models the form you need, then export it in JSON format.

    Look at the Ext examples...
  11. Make sure that getParams.length is > 1, otherwise there is nothing to parse.
    And since there can only be one "?" in a properly formed URL:


    will do.
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    2007 Presentations are here.
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    Here are some pictures from this week's event.
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    Sounds good.
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    I just got into San Francisco for TAE. Post a meeting location here, if you decide on one.
  16. No uso PHP, pero normalmente en cualquier lenguage uno pasa un parametro, por ejemplo, abc.php?listado=1 y dentro de abc.php puedes determinar cual funcion vas a llamar.
  17. Has usado Firebug para ver si la informacion en 'datos.php' esta en el formato correcto? Copia los resultados aqui.
  18. Nice mention on!
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    Today we added video to the Dow Jones Indexes web site using a combination of Ext.LayoutDialog and Brightcove.

    I wrote a VideoPlayer...
  20. The Apache DEFLATE filter is your best bet. Make sure to start by adding only .js files to the default filter configuration as it tends to mess up .pdf and .xls on some browsers. Then try adding...
  21. Here is a GridPanel with three grids, figure this one out and then add pagination by looking at the Ext samples included in the documentation.
  22. Create a Grid, add it to a GridPanel, add that to a LayoutRegion that's part of a LayoutDialog.
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    Pass the index of the first row you want:

    ds.load({params: { start: 40, limit:20 }});

    will result in page #3 being displayed with rows 40 thru 59.
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    28,532 looks really sharp. Sure just send me a private message with your questions.
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    Thanks, maybe Jack and team would like to feature it on the frontpage.

    You're right, the site is graphics heavy, I'll be working on putting it on a diet. The design is by a freelancer,...
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