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  1. Hi scottmartin,

    Thanks for your quick response. I was working to find if what you mentioned are the issues.

    I am seeing this only on Firefox and not on chrome. I tried reproducing the same on...
  2. I have a web application in ExtJs MVC. The app works fine in chrome, but In Firefox, When user navigates in the webapp to load different screens, at times we see a blank screen and further loading of...
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    I need to display a combo box with its input field with a height say 200px. I tired some stuff but no fruits.:-? Can I get any help how I can increase the height of the input field and display...
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    Did u get any solution for this?
  5. Set data.copy to true in the second parameter for beforedrop event.
  6. Any updates how I can accompish this in ExtJs 4.1.3? Because I donot have the event paramater in the new beforedrop event.
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    You got Any solution?
  8. I have a UI where the grid has a single column and each row contains different cell editors depending upon the type of the record. Now I have a challenge where for one type of a record, the grid row...
  9. Did anyone get any solution for this?
  10. Guys, any updates on this for extjs 4.0?
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