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  1. The override by fmoseley works, but with a slight change for me instead of "response.responseText = firstChild.innerHTML" I had to change it to
    "response.responseText =...
  2. I get the error 'Cannot read property 'options' of undefined' when submit method is called on form. My form has a single file upload field.
    Tried it with Ext.AJAX.request, the upload is successful,...
  3. Thanks mrsunshine for your nice extension, had a quick question for you - can we specify a window title for the file that is opened in a new window? Is there a config I can provide ?

    Would really...
  4. Thanks for your quick answer! So a flex does not do the job as I had provided, but a fixed height works.

    But in my application we have formpanels that have mutiple components that have varied...
  5. REQUIRED INFORMATION Sench touch version tested:


    Browser versions tested against:


    We have an application running that was developed in ST 2.0.2. ...
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    Hi teqneers,


    This is a beautiful contribution! I can't tell you how timely your thread has been for me.

    - Sudhir
  7. Hi Dan,

    thanks for the great work again. Just had one question, is there a config parameter in superbox to disallow multiple selections, so that we can restrict the user to only one selection. In...
  8. Hi, I seem to have the same problem in 3.2.1. I have a formpanel with 2 tabs and have given the property 'deferredRender:false' for the tabpanel, when I submit the form the values in the second tab...
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    Thanks Abraxxa, danh2000.

    It was a mistake from my side, it definitely works..

    I was making an AJAX request and posting the data and had assumed that it would come thru..silly from my side..I...
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    Thanks abraxxa for your reply, but I am not posting displayfield, I am just doing a form.submit() and all values are posted into the server, and in the server, I try to access the field values in a...
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    Hi danh2000,

    This is a superb extension! Just replaced a few fields with your extension, and I could successfully integrate it with my backend. I am using this as a remote combo box.

    Heres all...
  12. Hi Condor,

    Thanks again for your reply! I dont have SVN access.

    I would like to upgrade to 3.1 soon, but we tried it yesterday once, and it broke a few things in our app, so we have deferred it...
  13. Thanks Condor for your reply!

    I looked at it briefly now, is that not a 3.1 package? We are using ext 3.0 and not upgraded yet. Please correct me if I am wrong, may be it is available with 3.0...
  14. Hi,

    Have been working on ExtJS for the past 2 months, and until now have found help for all my queries in these forums or in the documentation.

    I have a UI problem in combo box with a tree in...
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