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  1. Any updates?
  2. We appear to be having a similar issue with Mac OS X 10.6 using both Safari and Chrome. Is there any official response from Sencha in regards to this bug? Is there a suggested work around?
  3. This bug was reported in July and I know you are currently working on some 4.1 fixes. Just curious as to if this has been looked at or what the status of it is. We will be hitting live customers...
  4. Updated the above post so that it follows the correct bug reporting format.

    To answer your question, if you set the width of a radio group the radio buttons within the group spread themselves out...
  5. As the title states we found an issue within ExtJS 3.4 while displaying an accordion panel within a form. If you have a radio group on the first panel and second; the first panel will display as...
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