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  1. This bug is still not fixed. I just came across this issue.
  2. I hope there will be some days. That would be the #1 performance improvement.
  3. Hi,

    My application takes forever to build in Sencha Architect. But the building process only uses one core (25% of CPU power on my system).

    Would it be possible to make it use all the cores to...
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    One can create a union filter using the "filterFn" config. Example of union filter :

    var filter = new Ext.util.Filter({
    "value": value_to_test,
    "anyMatch": true,
    "caseSensitive": false,...
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    As a suggestion, the "" config should become "" and accept an array of fields to filter. Then we can add a "Filter.type" config where we could choose "intersect"...
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    I also think that there is a need for a more complex filter where we could define unions instead of always do an intersection.Right now I'm facing this problem, I'm trying to filter a store on...
  7. I also removed the viewport being the initial view, and I added the Ext.Create line myself in the end of the launch function.I wish such changes would be more documented.
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    I confirm that deleting/renaming ALL the directories in your %appdata%\Local\Sencha directory, then launching Sencha Architect 3.0, fixes the startup issue.

    However, that means that we cannot use...
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    I have a support subscription for Sencha Complete. So I downloaded Sencha Complete and installed Sencha Architect 3.0.0 build 1337. It works OK, but each time I start Architect, it asks me for my...
  10. Sure, but that would be true only if the "lib" directory was a subdirectory of our application. Unfortunately, on our production server, that's not the case (and I cannot do anything about it).
  11. Ext.Loader does not propose a processConfig nor a init function, so I think it's still a problem that should be solved.
  12. Thanks for the explanation and taking this bug into account.
  13. Thanks !
  14. I took the time to report this problem, and as a premium support subscriber, I'd like to have at least one reply from Sencha to know if that is to be corrected or not. Thanks.
  15. I took the time to report this problem, and as a premium support subscriber, I'd like to have at least one reply from Sencha to know if that is to be corrected or not. Thanks.
  16. The "text" property for "action" columns is missing in the Config pane. But if we add it as a custom property, it works and diplays the text in the column header.
  17. When I see some exclamation marks, I cut-paste the code and only the real errors remains. That's obviously another bug, but it doesn't bother me that much.

    As for the braces, I find it quite...
  18. I just got the same problem with the Windows version. Now in 2.2.3 built 1039

    Update: I downloaded the file again and installed it over my current installation, problem disapeared and version is...
  19. Okay, thanks :)
  20. The following code has been tweaked to pass the tests in, but still demonstrate the same behavior:

    /*jslint ass: true, bitwise: true, eqeq: true, plusplus: true, unparam: true,...
  21. I've noticed that in most of my big functions, the closing brace can't find its opening brace.
    I've made sure that the code is correct, that no semi-colon are missing, etc.
    I've tried...
  22. I don't know if that has been already reported, but while the Design view is active, clicking on a function in the project inspector will display the function for half a second, then the Design view...
  23. Take this example: in the application Loader, I try to modify the "paths" config.

    Static data works well:

    "Ext": ".",
    "Ext.ux": "./lib/extjs_plugins/ux"
  24. Tested up to Sencha Architect 2.2.3.

    Trying to convert a RowEditingPlugin event listeners into an action fails (example: the edit event) . The content of the listener is lost forever if you don't...
  25. I also find this error very annoying. Is there going to be a patchfor Sencha Architect soon?
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