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  1. Thanks for that.
    I noticed that the old page had much more information about sharing code and reducing the size of the code per app, so I was looking to see if this had been omitted or if it were...
  2. Hi

    Until now I have developed several single page apps, mainly crafted by hand. I am aware however that I should be using sencha cmd to allow different environment builds plus "trim down" the...
  3. uninstalled - reinstalled and now it works...
  4. Hi
    I just downloaded Sencha cmd. I have followed all of the instructions for downloading the pre-requisites.

    When I try to generate an app, it tells me

    Sencha Cmd v5.0.1.231
    [ERR] Cannot...
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    Thanks for z-index hint.
    Worked great for me without need to change DOCTYPE.
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    Thanks for that, I will see if I can hack the code temporarily!
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    I am trying to detect IE in IE11. One thing I have noticed is that isIE returns false and that the user agent is set to
    "mozilla/5.0 (windows nt 6.1; wow64; trident/7.0; slcc2; .net clr...
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    It is now working... except for a little tidying up.
    Thanks for your help on this - if I get it looking like the example and you are interested in it as an example I will post it in as I don't think...
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    I have been trying Architect and one thing I wanted to work with was the RowExpander plugin.

    My first attempts failed and I decided to create the non architect example to see if I could get it...
  10. Hi

    Was there any further information on this issue. I too have changed a classname and it does not seem to be refleced in the code.

    If you do not have any examples I may have a before and after...
  11. Hi

    I am currently evaluating architect, having downloaded it a couple of weeks age, and I have to say I seem to be running into several bugs, this being one of them.
    I am running under linux...
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    Here is a question for you.

    I previously used part of the tree code to download server side file (similar to the right-click/Open/Download option), but as some of the export information is...
  13. Hi
    I have posted this question on the thread related to file tree panel code by the developer.
  14. Here is a question for you.

    I previously used something similar copied from the same code, but as some of the export information is large I added a progress bar. This worked fine in version 2.2...
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    Thank you for the information in your post - it solved exactly the issue I was getting.
    However I have one problem: For my app, I am generating a spreadsheet and for some spreadsheet this takes...
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    that doesn't quite work as it collapses but shows the expand sidebar so it still allows it to be expanded by clicking on the expand icon, but when it is expanded all of the panel is disabled...
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    I am sure I have seen this done but I cannot see how.

    I have a border layout with a central and west region.
    What I would like to do is show or hide the west region depending on certain user...
  18. aha. I must read the mail more closely. I changed the first Ext.apply, rather than the second.

    Now all works exactly as planned - and all of the bugs are fixed!
    The final code is
  19. that is why not a lot is happening...
    Do I need to overwrite things elsewhere?
  20. Here it is. So it now produces a blank window without the form so I am still doing something wrong...

    tradeshape.workstation.NotesForm = Ext.apply(Ext.Window, {

    initComponent : function()...
  21. oops - thanks for that one - that would have been my next bug to fix... I must remember - stay clear of that control-v...
  22. I knew it was something really stupid....

    ... and you are right about space indenting too!

    Thanks all
  23. Hi
    I am (probably) being very stupid here but I am trying to generate a generic window containing a form that has additional methods to show with differing parameters when submit occurs.
    What I am...
  24. I have not tried this yet but spket has a debugger included. Hope it is as good as the IDE!
  25. ok I didn't think it would be fixed. The problem I had was that when there was no text present, it showed the drop down box with the last item selected so, hitting return selected that item, as did...
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