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  1. I'm trying to implement dynamic changes of a grid that use a buffered store. As that type of store is read only I try to solve it by triggering a reload of the store. This is triggered by the server...
  2. I'm working on upgrade from ExtJS 4 to 5. One component I have is a menu that is created using a panel with accordion layout and inside each item I have a TreePanel. Today this is created using a...
  3. Thank you! That worked fine :-)
  4. I've implemented my own version of live search that is supposed to support buffered grids and also column header matches. It works pretty well but it fails on one thing that I need some help figuring...
  5. I'm working on a feature for my application which goal is to make it possible to dynamically select which grid columns are locked. This feature can be found in most spreadsheet applications (like...
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    No, I didn't get any answers, but I realized that it's pretty easy to use a grid component for this purpose (just skip headers and you have a pretty generic cell layout to play with). I'm not using...
  7. I agree with Farish that the main problem is that when cb2 is created, cb1 hasn't been intialized yet so no value is available to be read. It would be easier to help you if we understand what you...
  8. In my product I some times have a number of dialogs that I've created using Ext.window.Window. This works fine when I create new ones because then the latest should always be on top. The problems...
  9. As I managed to figure out the answer before I posted the question, I'll just write post my problem and how I solved if anyone else runs into the problem.
    In my program I have a scenario where...
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    I'm working on creating a touch version of my ExtJS app and one thing I've ran into is the lack of a table/column layout.

    What I need is a way to place my elements in something that at least...
  11. I'm trying to replace the behavior of arrow keys in a text field (that is created by the edit plugin of a gridpanel). To start with I want to make up and down arrow commit the changes and move to the...
  12. I might have found the solution for this (at least for standard text inputs).
    By overriding the onFocus function in Ext.form.field.Text the problem goes away.


    Ext version tested:

    ExtJS rev 4.1.1 and 4.2.0-beta
    Browser versions tested against:

    IE10 (preview on Win7)
  14. Nice!

    Yeah, I agree it's a pain :-(.

    If you want to keep track of what your app is doing, I suggest having a look at this logging framework, it's quite nice and very easy to use....
  15. I always get this behavior if I manage to leave a console.log in my code where it shouldn't be.

    IE is the only browser of the ones you list that doesn't define the console until the debug window...
  16. I suggest that you add a beforeedit listener to your edit plugin.!/api/Ext.grid.plugin.CellEditing-event-beforeedit

    In this listener you just check a variable...
  17. I agree that in your scenario resetting scroll would be the only reasonable solution. I can't really see how that can be the issue for me though. The reason my app hit's this code is that the store...
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    The documentation lacks an example though, but it is very simple.

    var store =Ext.state.LocalStorageProvider.create();...
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    I can't answer all your questions with authority, but some of them at least :).
    1. For what purpose? Is it for printing? It's not very complicated to generate stand alone HTML (I do for printing...
  20. I have a problem the scroller for my gridpanel. I have application that will trigger a refresh of the grid after edit of a cell is comitted to the server (the server sends an updated version of the...
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    Ok, I've generated a new app and now it seems to be working fine without loops. I can't really figure out what I did wrong last time but probably something stupid ;).
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    Hmm, I'm not at my work computer any more (already Friday evening here). I'm quite certain I didn't copy the .sencha directory. I generatade a new app, copied the content of the "app" dir (not the...
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    I do get this in an ExtJS application, is there two similar problems?
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    After upgrading to 230 from 190 I also get the loop bug.
    The application is freshly generated (yesterday). I created it using

    sencha -sdk ..../ext-4.1.2a generate app Name Path .
    After that I...
  25. I've started to use the sencha command for my now fairly big project (should have started earlier but hey, better late then never ;-)). I've created my all-classes.js using sencha app build
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