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  1. Touch version tested:

    Touch 2.3
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 31.0.1650.57
    DOCTYPE tested against:

  2. I have just upgraded an iOS ST 2.1 app to be using ST 2.2. Upgrade went smoothly except for 1 small issue (don't think it's a bug).

    The app (at some point) shows a native date picker (an input...
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    I have attached a video of the bug being reproduced in the example I posted in my original post.

    Browser is IE 10, browser mode is IE10 and document mode is Quirks.
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    Trying to drag a slider doesn't work very well in IE10.

    Try out the following example in IE10:

    It will drag for...
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    REQUIRED INFORMATIONExt version tested:

    Sencha touch 2.1
    Browser versions tested against:

    DOCTYPE tested against:


    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.1rc1
  7. Yeah I am...

    Here is a code snippet that reproduces the issue (along with the css bit in the original post)

    var scrolltest = Ext.create('Ext.DataView', {
    //fullscreen: true,
  8. Hello,

    I have been trying to enable browser scrollbar for iOS because I want to use that instead of the Sencha provided one.

    I have created a dummy app with just one dataview, disabled...
  9. Hello,

    We have a Sencha Touch 2 app wrapped with Phonegap. When initially loaded the app tries to show a dataview with 30 items (or less) constructed with data it receives over the network.
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    I have been having the same problem with IE 8 and Firefox 3.6.
    Seems to be an Ext bug.
    Just have a collapsible panel in your viewport and collapse it. Then resize the browser (Ctrl + or Ctrl -)....
  11. In sencha 1.0 getActiveItem on a NestedList returns the current data view.

    In Sencha 1.0.1 it gives me null even though I have a card layout for the NestedList.
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    I have just upgraded an existing solution I have from Sencha touch 1.0 to 1.0.1 and all the elements on my screen have disappeared.

    Apparently this is because I am not setting the height...
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    I have created a login form using a FormPanel inside a Panel in Sencha Touch and have some TextFields for the login information.

    Problem is that one of the labels takes up 2 lines...
  14. Hi,

    I am trying to load a treePanel just like the one from the sample list of Ext .

    The problem is when I give it the dataUrl that...
  15. I have the same problem. Any ideas?
  16. The steps to reproduce the bug are:
    1. Create a menu with a couple of menu items.
    2. Put the menu in an iframe in IE6
    3. Clicking on an item produces the error.

    As I said above you can avoid...
  17. I have an ExtJS menu with some menu items which appear when right click occurs.
    The page containing this ExtJS is contained inside an iframe. When I try to select a menu item in IE i get the...
  18. I have had the same problem,.
    The above fix just prevents the error from being thrown.

    I have extjs in an iframe and when the user right clicks a menu with some menu items appears. Before I...
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