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  1. I can confirm 4.1.3 still has the problem with this. Bars will be aligned to the left of the chart with empty space to the right.
  2. Oh, I see now. 4.1.0 had this:

    allowScriptAccess: 'always',
    bgcolor: me.backgroundColor,
    wmode: me.wmode
    }, flashParams);
  3. Well, it doesn't seem to be there
  4. This will not work (according to API docs it should):

    var flashmovie = new Ext.FlashComponent({
    padding: '5 0 5 0',
    wmode : 'transparent',
    height :180,
  5. Thanks Scott,

    Please let me know once you talk to them. Also if you could ask about their thoughts regarding feasibility of writing an extension. I am thinking to do that, but as you are probably...
  6. Hi Scott,

    Any new information regarding my request, anything in a roadmap related to the issues I mentioned?

    I am actually thinking to develop a custom extension that will integrate Ext3 flash...
  7. Replies
  8. Solution:

    Ext.override(Ext.view.AbstractView, {
    onRender: function()
    var me = this;

  9. Thanks, the fix works.

    Other than that, i should really point out Sencha QA team. Guys, you are doing a really "great" job!
    I guess $15M investment is really not enough to get a qualified person...
  10. Hi, I just noticed loadmasks are not working properly for grids/comboboxes again with ext4.1.
    It was previously broken in 4.1rc2, fixed in 4.1rc3 and now is not working again.

    I am referring to...
  11. My layout madness has stopped as well, it looks like everything is back to normal with Chrome
  12. I had to revert back to using SearchField class from 4.1rc1 to get my grid search to function properly as well !

    With 4.1rc2 searchField I have a search parameter from the very first SearchField...
  13. Thank you, this works! Maybe this should be reflected in documentation somehow?
  14. Hi,

    I noticed that there are problems with grid loadmask positioning within viewport.
    The problem seems to occur when following conditions are met:

    Viewport is used
    Grid is within a...
  15. It looks like there is something wrong with store events when the store is buffered (for infinite grid).

    Here is a slightly modified infinite grid example taken directly from provided...
  16. It looks like there is something wrong with store events when the store is buffered (for infinite grid).

    Here is infinite grid example taken directly from provided examples.
    Open in FF and...
  17. Thanks Scott,

    I am really not trying to start a debate here as I understand the benefits of canvas/svg drawing and drawbacks of flash. But at this point there is no usable solution for serious...
  18. First of all, I would like to say that I am really excited about canvas/svg drawing and the possibility to implement charting libraries using it. I do believe that this technology is absolutely right...
  19. +1, all kinds of issues withcharts and Chrome 18
  20. In docs Ext.Chart.chart background property gradient object syntax should be:

    background: {
    gradient: {
    id: 'gradientId',
    angle: 45,
  21. Anyone can suggest a temporary solution to this?

    Currently i am positioning the legent way outside the chart like this:

    legend: { position: 'float',
    x: -6000, ...
  22. Hi there,

    I noticed that series style properties will be lost on chart re-render in case the legend is hidden.

    Here is a slightly modified line chart example. Line styles have been set to...
  23. Hi,

    I've noticed that Ext.Chart.Series.Line zIndex property is not applied correctly on first load.

    According to the code zIndex of a line should be 3000:

  24. Shouldn't that prevent vertical scrollbar to appear(scrollbar is still there)? Or am i missing something?
  25. Thanks, good to know
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