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    GoogleIO is Wednesday and Thursday in San Francisco. I'll be they release it then.
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    Reminds me of a old function we created when working with Entrust TruePass - as soon as you met a criteria for a strong password, that criteria was checked and you could not create the password...
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    Thanks Brian and mystix....I figured it was something like that and sure enough, I found it this morning.

    I gotta stop posting so late at night.
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    I've searched the bug forums and I'm not sure if it is a bug or an error on my part.

    I'm using Ext 1.1 with only ext-base.js and running right now in FF 2.0. I have a Google Map within a...
  5. Tony,

    You ought to consider publishing that theme, its quite nice...

    hint hint...

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    Ok, I see Jack has mentioned something here:

    Can We get a change log included with he releases?
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    I see that Ext 1.1 final is out. I've downloaded it and so far everything is good. Just one question:

    Where is the change log? What has changed between, say rc 1 and final or 1.1 beta 2 and rc1?
  8. Tim,

    Thanks...we did think of that but we need to have the id of the form control be the same, as the field in question is a search criteria. We are also considering just blowing it away and...
  9. We are working on a application that has a an input field that, depending on whether a particular option in a drop down is selected is either a regular input field or a DateField.

    So we have the...
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    Thanks Animal
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    At the risk of sounding like a moron...where are the options for the 'easing' config options enumerated? I've searched the docs and the JS files themselves and I can't find a listing of what possible...
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    The app looks a link if you get a chance
  13. This looks really great...well done.

    Now, I have not had the opportunity to test it out, but does this eliminate the IE bug where html selects are always on top, even when layout regions slide...
  14. 'collapsed' property works.

    Strange that it is not listed as a public accessible property in the docs for a LayoutRegion, yet is.

    Can I assume that the config options are also publicly...
  15. TryanDLS,

    Nope. isVisible() seems to work only when the pane is hidden or not (whether the region can be seen or not). I have a closed pane that still responds to isVisible() as true.

  16. I need to be able to programatically detect whether the east pane of a border layout is open or closed. If it is open, I will make an ajax call, if it is closed I will not (save on loading large...
  17. Its code for "big hands, little keyboard"...


    Of course, I meant "Sweet"....

    Keep up the good work buddy.
  18. Holy Cow Saki! I haven't had the chance to look at this in a few weeks and wow - you have outdone yourself. I thought this was seet a month ago. This new version is outstanding.

    We are not...
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    Well the latest is that Safari Windows has 4 DoS vulnerabilities and 2 remote execution vulnerabilities. At least according to David Maynor, the guy that found the Apple Wifi hack. There is also a...
  20. Yep, that works fine. Thanks for helping track this down.
  21. Ah, not quite so seemlessly adapted as I was led to believe


    Unfortunately, we have quite a bit of legacy prototype and scriptaculous code so a wholesale switch to YUI is not in the cards. I...
  22. Animal.

    when I delete it I get 315 versions of

    d is not defined
    getViewWidth()ext-prototype-ada... (line 11)
    [Break on this error] (function(){var...
  23. Interesting

    Mousing over the id in the firebug window shows that the id in this line is ext-gen1:

    var id =; <--- firebug mouse over of this shows it to...
  24. Ok,

    When I step through the code as the window executes I get

    <span id="ext-gen95"/>
    <span id="ext-gen96"/>

    and sometimes just
  25. I know that Animal, it does not break after I hit continue. The break point is never hit.
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