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  1. [4.1 Beta 3] Grouped Bar charts: Incorrect values shown in series labels when not all series are shown.

    Note: For lack of a better term, I call them "multiple series", even though in Ext JS a...
  2. Mitchell's answer applies to Ext JS 4.1 (Beta 3 - the latest available).
    A solution for finding the correct yField in 4.0.x was posted here (and subsequent post in that thread).
  3. In 4.1 (Beta 3) the item seems to have a new property, 'yField'. This seems to be always a string and indicate the precise yField for that bar or column item (and not the whole array of yFields as...
  4., @mario60: Had a similar problem, solved in a similar way. On a second pass, added code for dealing with hiding one or more yField(s) in GUI by clicking on the respective Legend items....
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    There seems to be a dedicated thread for posting bugs:
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