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  1. Hey Carlo, have you successfully compiled using phonegap already? (I use phonegap build online, it's very nice and fast)
  2. Hey thanks for your answer :)once I opened the .xda archive with the new architect (accidentally) it was no longer openable with the previous version.for #3 - The person who developed the plugin...
  3. 1. Being able to set phonegap in architect (either remote build or local, with phonegap version updates - for example, the last update broke some apps if used the old config.xml) and have a build...
  4. had to remove phonegap and cordova and init phonegap again.. but something really wrong happened on the I fixed it but I think this shoudl not happen.............
  5. so I emptied the scss file.. but for some reason it won't build with remote build.. even though is set ok :| what else does the upgrade to cmd 5.X changes? maybe I can get...
  6. So I reverted to previous version ... but now the message that was caused by the new architect appears on the building process:executing compass using system installed ruby...
  7. Your welcome and will do whatever I can to help you finding bugs.. it appears that they all come to me :)
    But now I'm stuck.. A touch project I upgraded to CMD 5.0.1 to work with Architect 3.1 will...
  8. @jjohnston - when I see that this has been fixed for 3.1.1 , any idea when will 3.1.1 be available?
  9. Hey, thank you.. do you think this will also solve the CMD issue?
  10. On it's way.. so many stuff broken now =\
    After that I can't also submit to phonegap build using CMD =\
    Was working great with 4.0.48
    Any idea what can I do to return to the previous condition?...
  11. error sencha-touch.scss (Line 10 of _architect_other.scss: Invalid CSS after "...ha-button-ui */": expected selector or at-rule, was "@include sencha...")
    create ../css/sencha-touch.css
  12. upgrade the graphs and that a downgrade isn't possible,
    what should one do?
  13. everytime I press a specific view I get the following error:
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'getEditorOptionsData' of undefined

    This is a project that was updated from architect 3..
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    Just happened now.. when duplicating controller actions !
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    At the beginning I couldn't work until sometimes it does happen and sometimes it doesn't ..inconsistent
    For some unknown reason, everytime I add a controller now I can't see\edit code, it shows a...
  16. plot a line out of an array of numbers? (instead of having to have a key for every number since I'm going to show a few lines)

    All I intend to do is get an array of number, add a new series to the...
  17. is this the same issue?
  18. No errors on the console and no warnings (it's on the device, I checked the logcat)nav view code as following:

    { xtype: 'navigationview',
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    Well it actually appears once in a while.. any logs I can take out so it will be more helpful?
  20. It's sencha's way of accessing variables, I find it pretty comfortable, it is also safer because you won't be accessing values you're not supposed to...on the other hand if you really just want to...
  21. Hey, did you try to use setHtml?
    try this:

    <your container>.setHtml('<h2>routename: ' + + '</h2>');
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    windows 8.1
    Sencha architect:

  23. here is a video showing the phenomenon..

    only once i scroll the pushed view it goes to place and clickable.. (at the beginning i try...
  24. When I push a view, sometimes the back button is unresponsive until i scroll the view a little..then the back button does a little jump to the left and works..
    has that ever happened to anyone? if...
  25. It's all right :) Thanks for the help and your engagement !!
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