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  1. I've looked 20 min, and couldn't find a proper command to do what I want. I have a simple .js file and Ext JS code in it. This new updated version even don't have previous "create" command. I guess...
  2. Thanks, I tried the SDK tool with following command:

    sencha create jsb -a ~/path/to/your/app.html -p ~/myapp.jsb3

    I don't have html file since I've been working on JSPs, and JSPs only...
  3. Hi,
    I'm using only Ext JS charts (column, bar, pie), and don't wanna add ext-all.js (1.2mb) and ext-all.css (212kb, using for base theme) while I don't use many other libraries provided in them. Is...
  4. I've tried but, I'm getting invalid label error for "added:". I inserted your code under chart's listener as I showed in my earlier code.
  5. I've solved this issue by adding a function when the window size is resized (Jquery), and generating the chart again with new height and width values according to a relative size. But, it would be...
  6. Replies
    I've made your code t work to demonstrate, but still long while tip get the size of the Panel, the panel doesn't get the size of the text in it. So, it still doesn't fix the problem that I...
  7. Hi,
    I'd like to have a resizeble Ext JS 4 charts. I've tried to change the values of width and height to '100%' as well as wrapping div's style's width and height, but I'm not able get the new size...
  8. Replies
    I'd like to learn if the Tip of the charts can be resizeble according the text in it. I've tried width: '100%' but dodn't work. I guess Ext JS 3 supports it, and it has something called...
  9. Thanks ernst96 and andrevio! without "else" part, it returns undefined for the decimal numbers. So, it fixes in a way, even though the light gray lines still passed through the decimals.
  10. ...
    yAxis: new Ext.chart.NumericAxis({

    displayName: 'Visits',
    labelRenderer: function(v) {
    // return a value only if it is an integer
  11. Thanks! I'll give it a try.
  12. Hi All,
    I'm trying to get the colors of the rendered bar/column chart's each bars colors. I've custimized the colors of each bar under the render of the "series". Now, I created afterrender listener...
  13. Then I have to create my own legend. Can you post the code how to get the color of the bar/column. I tried to get it where I applied custom colors under renderer, but it returns duplicated values,...
  14. Hi All,
    Default behavior of the Ext JS chart is a little strange: While Bar and Column charts shows the Store's data field's name e.g. data1, the Pie chart shows the values of Store's name field...
  15. using solve the generating duplicated values on y-axis problem, but I don't want to see floating point numbers on my y-axis, because all my data is decimal numbers. So, is this a bug, should we...
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