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  1. Thanks for your reply, but unfortunately that's not exactly what I need. I only need to translate the sencha touch framework, I don't need my app to be multilingual. It seems that ST should support...
  2. Hi folks,

    I tried to localize Sencha Touch, but I cannot do so. I am using ST 2.4 and Sencha Architect 3.1
    I have added a new resource in Sencha, (ext-lang-hu.js), copied the contents of...
  3. I have found the mistake, obviously it was my fault... :)

    When adding a new record I removed all the sub records from the list. At least that's what I wanted to do, but instead of this:...
  4. Hi everybody,

    I have a navigation view, inside it is a list, which pushes a form into the navigation view when tapped on an item. There is also a "new" button for adding new records to the list....
  5. Hi everybody,

    I am developing a fairly simple ST app using sencha touch 2.3.1 at the moment.
    It consists of a navigationview with a few dataviews and forms in it. I also have one button in the...
  6. Here is a small addition to the thread:

    I've downloaded the complete project from here:
    After opening the project SA...
  7. Hi everybody,

    I am trying to create a Sencha Touch 2.3 app with Sencha Architect 3.1 that will eventually run on both iOS and Android. I am trying to follow this guide:...
  8. Hi Steve,

    thanks for your help, that did solve my problem! :)
  9. Hi everybody,

    I tried to import some user extensions into sencha architect, but I keep failing. I tried DateTimeField.aux (available from...
  10. I have some vague memories that I have read about this somewhere before, maybe in the upgrade guide, so I'm hoping that this is the right way to do it :)
  11. Awesome, you are the saviour of the day :)

    Thanks very much
  12. There is one more thing, that I noticed just now:
    Now that the created windows are not modal, I can double click the grid again, without closing the created window. And it is working fine until I...
  13. Hi everybody,

    I have a controller and a Grid. What I would like to do is to display a window when somebody doubleclicks on a row in the grid. It is working fine, but only for the first time. The...
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    Another great example, thanks!
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    the use case is something like this:
    I have a window, that is an editor for a record. When every field is valid (i.e. not empty, properly formatted, etc...) I need to save the record.
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    Hi everybody,

    I am facing a general problem and I was thinking maybe I could get some ideas from the forum.
    I am building a rather large application, but mainly it is built of several grids and...
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    Hi folks,

    I was wondering whether there is an easy way to validate a ViewModel. I really like the concept of validating a Model, but since there is no way to define fields and rules for...
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    Do you have an estimated timeframe on Architect 3.1?

  19. Thanks for your answer. I figured that I was able to run the build successfully after deleting the original css, so I guess you are right. Thanks again for the detailed answer
  20. Also, it would be great if actions could be hidden separately, i.e. with a getHidden method
  21. Hi,

    I think it would be great if items of actioncolumns had a config option to use a method to determine the icon image to display. Just like the getClass method, but instead of a css class, this...
  22. Just noticed, that the same thing happens with every other column types, except for the basic gridcolumn. But the problem disappears after I switch to the neptune theme (originally I wad using Crisp)
  23. Hi,

    I have a little project, and I noticed a little bug:
    I tried to use a templatecolumn in the grid, and after I add it, I am unable to build the app anyore using Sencha Cmd.
    Before adding the...
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    That worked perfectly, thanks for the answer!
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    I know similar questions have been asked before, But I couldn't find a straight answer to this:
    I would like to use my set of icons and be able to set them in SA.
    Previously, when I was...
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